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[07:46:14] <mawuli.ypa> Hi guys
[07:47:17] <yashshah> mawuli.ypa, Hi :) Good morning!
[07:47:49] <mawuli.ypa> Hey Yash, you are up already?
[07:48:35] <yashshah> Yeah :) exams! dun get much sleep these days. How are you doing?
[07:49:04] <mawuli.ypa> Yes, i have seen your tweets about the exams.
[07:49:30] <mawuli.ypa> I am good. Just working through some blog posts and my GSoC proposal
[07:50:56] <yashshah> That's great :)
[07:52:38] <mawuli.ypa> Guys, I have made some changes to my proposal with more details on the implementation of the project. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fF04HTgnZtssEmvaY8jOcq_oAxDndK1zVaElKz5VlGk/edit?usp=sharing
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[09:35:30] <Andreas Stenius> Cool. I'll take a look later today.. :)
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[11:20:22] <z-bot> [yashshah] updated link to my proposal: http://goo.gl/Z8uEf
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[16:39:22] <mawuli.ypa> I have noticed that there are no nested sub-menu items under the admin top navigation menu.
[16:39:48] <mawuli.ypa> Is it Zotonic's UI/UX policy not to have nested sub-menu items under the admin navigation menu?
[16:42:31] <mawuli.ypa> For example, i would like to have a sub-menu item under the System/Modules with links to : list, bundle, freeze, update, search, help and report.
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[20:07:55] <antoine> .
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[20:54:13] <Andreas Stenius> mawuli.ypa: I'm not sure, actually. I think it is possible. But personally, I think it is better to keep the menu slim, and simply have buttons/links/tabs on the modules page for the additional features.
[20:55:15] <mawuli.ypa> ok
[20:56:19] <mawuli.ypa> I just thought things like listing, searching, updating modules etc should be within a few clicks
[20:56:58] <mawuli.ypa> I also thought about the link on the modules page but just couldn't come up with a nice way to fit in.
[20:57:37] <mawuli.ypa> I will rather try the modules page first and see how it looks.
[20:59:28] <Andreas Stenius> If it doesn't fit into the current modules listing, we can just as well add a new page for managing modules. As it is quite a different task, browsing/installing/uninstalling modules, from enabling/disabling those that are already present.
[21:18:47] <z-bot> [vankooch] hi
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[21:19:49] <z-bot> [kaos] hi vankooch :)
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[21:21:35] <Andreas Stenius> Oh, I still miss forwarding the join/part messages.. :P
[21:21:58] <z-bot> [vankooch] is it possible to have different templates for an article?
[21:22:21] <Andreas Stenius> yes.. I'm not entirely sure what you want to do, though?
[21:23:08] <z-bot> [kaos] do you want to have different templates depending on which article it is.. ?
[21:23:14] <z-bot> [vankooch] yes
[21:24:11] <z-bot> [kaos] if it's not too many different ones, you can add new categories under the article category for them
[21:25:10] <z-bot> [kaos] and have templates based on the category: http://zotonic.com/docs/0.9/ref/tags/tag_catinclude.html
[21:25:39] <z-bot> [vankooch] ah ok that works
[21:26:13] <z-bot> [vankooch] well I'm all new to erlang and zotonic, I had a frist look at the skel files
[21:26:24] <z-bot> [kaos] :)
[21:26:47] <z-bot> [kaos] note that there's quite a bit of magic with dispatch files and categories.. so you don't have to configure as much
[21:27:14] <z-bot> [kaos] I'll see if I can find any of it in the docs (it /should/ be there :p )
[21:27:32] <z-bot> [vankooch] thx
[21:28:47] <z-bot> [kaos] hmm.. ok, this was my first find (and I'm not sure I'll find anything better at the moment).. http://zotonic.com/docs/0.9/ref/dispatch/dispatch_mod_base_site-dispatch.html#dispatch-mod-base-site-dispatch
[21:29:01] <z-bot> [kaos] it's the dispatch file for mod_base
[21:29:12] <z-bot> [kaos] but it helps illustrate a few key points
[21:30:03] <z-bot> [kaos] first, by telling the controller to use a category based template by {template, {cat, "file.tpl"}} you get the catinclude effect from the first link I sent
[21:30:57] <z-bot> [kaos] second, the dispatch entry name (most of which are "page" in mod_base), is treated specially if it is named the same as the category of a resource page
[21:31:42] <z-bot> [kaos] so you don't have to add unique paths to each resource, if you have a dispatch entry with a name that matches the resource's cateogry
[21:31:55] <z-bot> [kaos] and control the URI with that
[21:32:19] <z-bot> [vankooch] so I'll put that logic in the dipatchfile ?
[21:32:30] <z-bot> [vankooch] dipatch file
[21:32:34] <z-bot> [vankooch] s
[21:32:48] <z-bot> [kaos] example: {article, ["articles", id, slug], controller_page, [{template, {cat, "my_article.tpl"}}]}
[21:33:22] <z-bot> [vankooch] ok I get that
[21:33:34] <z-bot> [kaos] this will show all articles (and all resources having a category based on article, unless another more specific one exists)... ok, good :)
[21:37:08] <z-bot> [vankooch] in base.tpl we have "css/jquery.loadmask.css" & "css/z-menu.css" . are those files served internally, as thy are not in the lib dir. Can I inlcud js files like that?
[21:37:44] <z-bot> [kaos] they are in lib dir.
[21:38:11] <z-bot> [kaos] https://github.com/zotonic/zotonic/blob/master/modules/mod_base/lib/css/jquery.loadmask.css
[21:38:36] <z-bot> [kaos] https://github.com/zotonic/zotonic/blob/master/modules/mod_menu/lib/css/z-menu.css
[21:38:48] <z-bot> [vankooch] I see
[21:39:17] <z-bot> [kaos] and, yes, you can serve files like that. And if you put files in your sites lib dir (under the same relative path), they will override those from modules with lower prio.
[21:39:54] <z-bot> [vankooch] ok
[21:42:59] <z-bot> [vankooch] zotonic looks nice. I'll give it a try. Its cool as it includes his own webserver, but workflow will chnage a bit. I guess I can update the zotonic with new checkout and make run.
[21:43:30] <z-bot> [kaos] yep
[21:43:34] <z-bot> [vankooch] Is there any performance data out there?
[21:43:55] <z-bot> [kaos] mmm... don't think there's any hard numbers, no..
[21:44:19] <z-bot> [kaos] but it doesn't buckle under heavy load ;)
[21:44:44] <z-bot> [vankooch] yes would be hard. As other solutions have nginx + php running. And zozonic is run fully in erlang?
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[21:44:47] <z-bot> [kaos] also, there's a nice test graph comparing apache with yaws... (see if I can find it)
[21:45:00] <z-bot> [kaos] yes, zotonic is 100% erlang :)
[21:45:27] <z-bot> [kaos] it's not the same, comparing yaws vs apache, but it hints at the benefits that erlang brings
[21:45:52] <z-bot> [kaos] take a look at this: http://www.sics.se/~joe/apachevsyaws.html :)
[21:46:15] <z-bot> [vankooch] wow
[21:46:25] <z-bot> [kaos] indeed
[21:48:51] <z-bot> [vankooch] have written the webserver in erlang from scratch? Or is there a way to include as a module. I'll geuss I should have a more depth look at erlang
[21:49:30] <z-bot> [kaos] we use mochiweb and webzmachine (tweaked webmachine)
[21:50:19] <z-bot> [kaos] there's quite a few web servers in erlang out there.. :)
[21:50:40] <z-bot> [kaos] cowboy being a rather new member rising fast in popularity...
[21:51:41] <z-bot> [kaos] we like elli for being small and well designed, suits best as a web server framework when building application that need a tight integrated web server
[21:53:20] <z-bot> [vankooch] hmm ok
[21:56:54] <mawuli.ypa> Andreas, i have added screenshots of the proposed admin modules view and modules action buttons. Please view them in the GSoC proposal
[21:57:23] <z-bot> [kaos] ok :)
[21:57:39] <z-bot> [yashshah] kaos: did you get time to checkout my proposal? :)
[21:58:43] <z-bot> [kaos] yashshah, yeah, I've read through it. Didn't find anything obvious to comment on at that time. Should look at it again. Thanks for reminding me :)
[21:59:43] <z-bot> [yashshah] Okay, Thanks :)
[22:00:15] <Andreas Stenius> mawuli.ypa: that looks good! :)
[22:00:18] <mawuli.ypa> Zotonic is quite amazing. Didn't think Erlang could be stretched to do things that Ruby/Python/PHP were known for.
[22:00:24] <mawuli.ypa> ok. thanks
[22:00:28] <Andreas Stenius> (missing uninstall action though :p )
[22:01:08] <mawuli.ypa> You will be prompted to do so when you click to deactivate
[22:01:26] <mawuli.ypa> You can deactivate a module but not uninstall it
[22:01:41] <mawuli.ypa> what do you guys think?
[22:01:47] <Andreas Stenius> oh.. ok.
[22:01:48] <Andreas Stenius> hmm..
[22:02:04] <mawuli.ypa> uninstall/delete once you deactivate a module?
[22:02:09] <Andreas Stenius> I see four actions (of which we have two today)
[22:02:36] <Andreas Stenius> enable/disable (or activate/deactivate, same thing different names).
[22:02:44] <Andreas Stenius> and the new ones: install/uninstall
[22:03:05] <Andreas Stenius> you can't uninstall a module that is active on any site, obviously
[22:03:22] <Andreas Stenius> but once it's been disabled, across all sites, it can be uninstalled
[22:03:46] <mawuli.ypa> are you refering to the CLI or the admin ?
[22:03:54] <Andreas Stenius> both
[22:04:01] <Andreas Stenius> intersting question though
[22:04:08] <Andreas Stenius> is where the modules should be installed
[22:04:23] <Andreas Stenius> as there is a site wide option, or for a single site only option
[22:04:55] <Andreas Stenius> by site wide, I mean for the entire instance, i.e. all sites on that node.
[22:05:07] <mawuli.ypa> ok
[22:05:31] <Andreas Stenius> it's good to keep in mind that a module can be used by more than one site at a time.. :)
[22:06:04] <mawuli.ypa> Yes.
[22:06:10] <Andreas Stenius> I really like your mock ups :)
[22:06:22] <mawuli.ypa> this is getting interesting :)
[22:06:25] <mawuli.ypa> thanks
[22:07:09] <Andreas Stenius> I think we should stay clear of site local module installs, though (due to name conflict issues).
[22:07:53] <mawuli.ypa> site local modules? pls explain
[22:08:07] <Andreas Stenius> :)
[22:08:07] <mawuli.ypa> * site local module installs
[22:09:00] <mawuli.ypa> ok. missed earlier texts
[22:09:04] <Andreas Stenius> yeah, you can have modules that are only available for a single site (I think, actually I'm beginning to wonder if that's even supported)... I think so, but I've never used it
[22:09:14] <Andreas Stenius> yep
[22:09:46] <Andreas Stenius> ah, yes, it's supported
[22:10:01] <Andreas Stenius> from the Emakefile:  "priv/sites/*/modules/*/*",    "priv/sites/*/modules/*/*/*"
[22:10:51] <mawuli.ypa> yes
[22:11:38] <mawuli.ypa> there are actually 3 modules directories
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[22:12:09] <Andreas Stenius> yes
[22:12:22] <mawuli.ypa> "modules/", "priv/moudules/*", "priv/sites/yoursite/modules/"
[22:12:56] <Andreas Stenius> zotonic/modules are for those shipped with zotonic, while zotonic/priv/modules are for custom installed modules (available to all sites), and then zotonic/priv/sites/*/modules for site local modules
[22:13:07] <mawuli.ypa> ok
[22:13:44] <Andreas Stenius> thing is, I don't think you can have the same module installed on two different sides on a single instance due to name conflicts..
[22:22:02] <mawuli.ypa> hmm
[22:22:41] <Andreas Stenius> sites*
[23:12:36] <Andreas Stenius> yashshah: The technical section of the proposal could be a little more elaborate, I think. This will most likely need some discussion, also with other members of the dev team. In addition to what you've mentioned already is to have resources synchronized automatically, and how that is setup and managed.
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[23:12:53] <Andreas Stenius> I'm off for tonight, so see you tomorrow..
[23:13:00] <Andreas Stenius> Hi Maas :)
[23:13:23] <Maas> Hi Andreas, just checking out I see :-)
[23:13:39] <Andreas Stenius> If you have a few minutes to spare, please comment on our students GSoC proposals.. :)
[23:13:42] <Andreas Stenius> yeah
[23:13:43] <Maas> Wow busy here.
[23:13:49] <Andreas Stenius> it is ;)
[23:14:09] <z-bot> [kaos] the new z-bot is kind of alive too... :)
[23:14:29] <Maas> haha
[23:14:30] <Andreas Stenius> ^ came from #zotonic on freenode.net
[23:14:45] <Maas> i'm getting old.
[23:14:52] <Andreas Stenius> why?
[23:15:06] <Andreas Stenius> your birthday?
[23:15:09] <Maas> don't even know what freenode is.
[23:15:17] <Andreas Stenius> oh.. lol
[23:15:37] <Andreas Stenius> freenode.net is a big network of free IRC servers... popular hangout for OSS projects
[23:16:09] <Andreas Stenius> hookup your favourite irc client to chat.freenode.net:6666 ;)
[23:16:36] <Andreas Stenius> but any how, I'm headed for bed now...
[23:16:45] <Andreas Stenius> links to the proposals should be in the logs...
[23:16:57] <Andreas Stenius> if these don't work:
[23:16:58] <Andreas Stenius> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZWd6-qCZrXV76F__GtP5ji_L38AavfhxpF0m0VCCKPs/edit
[23:17:04] <Andreas Stenius> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZWd6-qCZrXV76F__GtP5ji_L38AavfhxpF0m0VCCKPs/edit
[23:17:15] <Maas> sure, i'm off to in a couple. It was a nice, non computer, day. :-)
[23:17:23] <Andreas Stenius> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fF04HTgnZtssEmvaY8jOcq_oAxDndK1zVaElKz5VlGk/edit
[23:17:30] <Andreas Stenius> :)
[23:17:47] <Andreas Stenius> see you tomorrow perhaps, then? :)
[23:17:49] <Andreas Stenius> night
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[23:18:31] <Maas> i'll bring them. on the road this week.
[23:18:37] <Andreas Stenius> heh... didn't let me change nick, eh
[23:18:44] <Andreas Stenius> ah :)
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[23:19:10] <Maas> i'll look them over now..
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