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[10:18:27] <Maas> Hi guys. Did any of you already look at html5 manifest support in zotonic?
[10:20:32] <Maas> http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/appcache/beginner/
[10:28:38] <Arjan> I didn't
[10:28:59] <Andreas Stenius> me either
[10:29:39] <Maas> k. busy with synchronizing it for channel. Also new to me.
[10:30:06] <Maas> Interesting...
[10:58:33] <Maas> Funny that the retrieval of the manifest file is not shown in the chrome debugger. Too new probably.
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[20:58:11] <simon.smithies> Hi guys
[20:59:11] <simon.smithies> I changed the password for my zotonic account, and (maybe coincidentally) zotonic died, and now I can only start in debug
[20:59:45] <simon.smithies> doesn't make sense to me but maybe does to you guys?
[21:00:02] <Andreas Stenius> not really... sounds weird. What happens when you try to start normally?
[21:00:25] <simon.smithies> am using your start-no-heart script
[21:00:35] <simon.smithies> and just nothing happens
[21:00:50] <simon.smithies> debug seems fine
[21:01:00] <Andreas Stenius> hmmm....
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[21:01:34] <simon.smithies> having said that - just tried it now and got
[21:01:36] <simon.smithies> {"init terminating in do_boot",{{badmatch,{error,{shutdown,{zotonic_app,start,[normal,[]]}}}},[{zotonic,start,1,[{file,"src/zotonic.erl"},{line,52}]},{init,start_it,1,[]},{init,start_em,1,[]}]}}
[21:02:09] <Andreas Stenius> that is usually accompanied by a crash log or other error...
[21:02:39] <Andreas Stenius> it simply says that zotonic was shutting down when it was expected to be starting up
[21:02:48] <simon.smithies> 2013-04-11 07:02:14 =SUPERVISOR REPORT====
Supervisor: {local,zotonic_sup}
Context: start_error
Reason: {'EXIT',{undef,[{mochiweb_http,start,[[{name,webmachine_mochiweb},{loop,#Fun<webmachine_mochiweb.0.119145909>},{port,80},{ip,""},{backlog,500}]],[]},{supervisor,do_start_child,2,[{file,"supervisor.erl"},{line,303}]},{supervisor,start_children,3,[{file,"supervisor.erl"},{line,287}]},{supervisor,init_children,2,[{file,"supervisor.erl"},{line,253}]},{gen_server,init_it,6,[{file,"gen_server.erl"},{line,304}]},{proc_lib,init_p_do_apply,3,[{file,"proc_lib.erl"},{line,227}]}]}}
Offender: [{pid,undefined},{name,webmachine_mochiweb},{mfargs,{webmachine_mochiweb,start,[webmachine_mochiweb,[{port,80},{ip,""},{dispatcher,z_sites_dispatcher},{dispatch_list,[]},{backlog,500}]]}},{restart_type,permanent},{shutdown,5000},{child_type,worker}]
[21:02:56] <Jarimatti> I've found the priv/sasl logs invaluable, but don't know if there's anything in this case.
[21:02:56] <Andreas Stenius> and it only shutsdown during startup in case of errors
[21:03:58] <Andreas Stenius> uh? undef!? strange..
[21:04:41] <Andreas Stenius> isn't this the same error as you've seen before, though?
[21:05:27] <simon.smithies> the restart bit is the same
[21:05:59] <Andreas Stenius> ok. was just that it looked familiar, some parts of the error message...
[21:06:28] <simon.smithies> all I did was change the password to keep you off the server ;)
[21:06:50] <simon.smithies> clearly you need access!
[21:07:23] <Andreas Stenius> heh.. :) I've lost the password anyway, but better safe than sorry in case someone snooped it up in transit..
[21:08:37] <Andreas Stenius> ah, yes, here it was: http://pastebin.com/5QgmdTxF (on line 5, altough it says echild, it's args are pretty similar)
[21:09:57] <Andreas Stenius> if I could logon again, I could take a quick look at that time issue too.. collecting some data for a reply to Patrik Nyblom
[21:10:29] <simon.smithies> ok will pm you the (new) password!
[21:13:40] <simon.smithies> Does Patrik see a problem now on the Erlang side?
[21:15:33] <Andreas Stenius> from his response, I'd say he doesn't see it as an Erlang issue at the moment...
[21:15:56] <Andreas Stenius> will look at a few things, from what he said...
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