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arjan has set the subject to: Zotonic - the Erlang Content Management Framework
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[09:01:35] <Marc Worrell> I found the Chrome issue - now a workaround
[09:02:45] <Marc Worrell> 2 things: 1: Chrome doesn't always set cookies on redirects; 2: Chrome leaves the websocket connection open when moving off a page (till all redirects are followed and the other page is loaded)
[09:04:10] <Marc Worrell> Number 2) gives a race condition where we send a reload to all tabs when someone logs in. This reload actually cancels the setting of all cookies and should be done later.
[09:06:09] <Marc Worrell> We can send this reload on the first incoming request that has the correct cookies
[09:07:05] <Marc Worrell> Trying to find a solution....
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[09:14:27] <Maas> Wow, that is quite a bit of things. (Given that setting cookies to do logons is already a workaround..)
[09:21:29] <Marc Worrell> yep - am wondering how we can force a page reload on log in
[09:24:02] <Maas> It's ugly, but maybe redirect with a delay... to provide some time for the browser to safe the cookies.
[09:24:40] <Marc Worrell> maybe same for the reload of the page
[09:25:24] <Maas> With an animated gif or something... and some cookie crunching sounds. :-)
[09:25:46] <Marc Worrell> LOL
[09:26:01] <Maas> An animated stroopwafel.
[09:32:10] <Maas> Or maybe the Refresh header?
[09:32:58] <Maas> <blink>Ancient</blink>
[09:43:59] <Maas> This is really a step backwards.
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[09:50:21] <simon.smithies> guys am trying to work with zotonic on my Mac now ... having trouble getting it to find erl_call
[09:51:11] <simon.smithies> have a sym link to it from the erlang bin directory but getting bash: erl_call: command not found
[09:52:48] <Arjan> which version?
[09:53:14] <simon.smithies> erlang 15b
[09:53:24] <simon.smithies> zotonic master
[09:53:24] <Arjan> no I mean, which zotonic version?
[09:53:27] <Arjan> mmm
[09:53:56] <simon.smithies> erlang installed via homebrew so is in a slightly wierd place
[09:54:17] <simon.smithies> but zotonic 0.8 was fine with it there
[09:55:40] <Arjan> in src/scripts/helpers
[09:55:53] <Arjan> can you add echo $ZOTONIC_CALL to the zotonic_setup file
[09:56:10] <Arjan> just after it looks for the erl_call
[09:56:13] <Arjan> around line 104
[09:56:21] <Arjan> and then paste that here
[09:57:20] <simon.smithies> ok done
[09:58:35] <simon.smithies> have restarted .. should I see something in the debug output?
[10:00:43] <simon.smithies> actually right at the top? ... usr/local/Cellar/erlang/R15B/lib/erlang/lib/erl_interface-3.7.6/bin/erl_call -sname zotonic001@Admins-iMac-2
[10:00:49] <simon.smithies> looks correct
[10:06:34] <Arjan> looks good indeed
[10:06:52] <Arjan> is the missing / before usr a copypaste typo?
[10:07:07] <simon.smithies> :) yep
[10:08:21] <Arjan> ok so I dont have an explanation yet for you :-/
[10:10:07] <Maas> and "which erl_call" gives you the right one?
[10:18:15] <simon.smithies> not sure what you mean by that Maas
[10:18:46] <Maas> which is a command which tries to locate the executable and reports the path
[10:19:05] <Maas> $ which erl_call
[10:19:29] <Arjan> maas - usually, erl_call is not on the path
[10:19:37] <Maas> O?
[10:19:46] <simon.smithies> it's not on my path
[10:19:59] <simon.smithies> but I symlinked to /usr/local/Cellar/erlang/R15B/lib/erlang/lib/erl_interface-3.7.6/bin/erl_call
[10:20:22] <Maas> On my mac I have a R15 from erlang solutions.
[10:21:04] <Maas> On my linux box it is on the path too.
[10:21:43] <Maas> All sym linked
[10:22:13] <simon.smithies> on my linux box I didn't have to do anything with erlang - it just worked
[10:22:21] <Maas> :-)
[10:22:37] <simon.smithies> that's what I thought :)
[10:22:50] <simon.smithies> Mac ... not so much
[10:24:09] <simon.smithies> anyone else got 15B going?
[10:24:15] <simon.smithies> maybe I need R15
[10:24:34] <Maas> Did you compile and install yourself?
[10:24:44] <simon.smithies> no, homebrew
[10:25:22] <simon.smithies> Is getting late here.
[10:25:43] <Maas> aha. I don't dare to install that on my desktop.
[10:25:54] <simon.smithies> ah really?
[10:26:06] <simon.smithies> mybe my problem then
[10:26:52] <Marc Worrell> I have R15B here
[10:26:55] <Marc Worrell> works well
[10:27:10] <simon.smithies> compiled yourself?
[10:27:31] <Marc Worrell> just used the "port install" version
[10:27:36] <Maas> From looking at the homebrew site it should place symlinks in a bin directory on the path.
[10:27:47] <Marc Worrell> compilation went nowhere with some 64/32 bits mixups
[10:28:42] <simon.smithies> ok .. my boy's home and it's late enough ... will roll up my sleeves tomorrow and compile/instal the long way
[10:28:55] <simon.smithies> thanks for the pointers :-)
[10:28:59] <Marc Worrell> fixed the Chrome redirect/cookie issue - in the end it was a problem with the javascript page reload (because of changed user) canceling the load of the redirect containing the actual cookies...
[10:29:14] <Marc Worrell> Chrome doesn't close websocket connections when redirecting or following links.
[10:29:53] <Maas> Noticed that too. It looks like they leave them open for when the user presses back or something.
[10:32:20] <Marc Worrell> or maybe for when the followed link starts to download or returns a 204
[10:32:41] <Marc Worrell> is a bit of a pita though, for getting the sequence of things right
[10:33:05] <Marc Worrell> now thinking of setting a serial nr or something as a cookie when we change users.
[10:33:26] <Marc Worrell> then the JS in the browsers can detect that that cookie changed, so that they need to reload.
[10:33:40] <Marc Worrell> (I need a "cookie changed" event in js….)
[10:34:18] <Maas> Aren't there enough events already?
[10:34:25] <Marc Worrell> LOL
[10:34:31] <Maas> Just made friends with onpopstate..
[10:34:33] <Marc Worrell> too many indeed
[10:36:04] <Maas> If you have the oncookiechange people want an onbeforecookiechange too ;-)
[10:36:22] <Maas> I need a onnavigate event.
[10:36:29] <Marc Worrell> LOL
[10:36:34] <Marc Worrell> when someone clicks a link?
[10:36:38] <Maas> Yeah
[10:36:44] <Maas> Or does a post
[10:36:51] <Maas> or a location = ...
[10:36:55] <Maas> or a refresh
[10:37:01] <Marc Worrell> I need onbeforecookiechange, onduringcookiechange, onaftercookiechange, onnocookiechange
[10:37:14] <Maas> there are so many ways to move from page to page.
[10:37:27] <Marc Worrell> and it gets worse and worse
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[10:50:40] <Maas> It is alive!
[10:54:59] <Maas> Have you seen the cowboy farwest announcement?
[10:55:43] <Maas> http://ninenines.eu/talks/farwest/farwest.html
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[11:00:37] <Andreas Stenius> Looks cool :)
[11:06:15] <Maas> Assuming front-enders know rest is quite an assumption.
[11:06:41] <Maas> That is already a frontender++
[11:15:17] <Marc Worrell> do we have docs for the 'z' module?
[11:15:31] <Marc Worrell> added a command but can't find a doc rst file
[11:16:02] <Andreas Stenius> not that I'm aware of, no..
[11:16:17] <Marc Worrell> Then I just commit the stuff :p
[11:16:32] <Andreas Stenius> why not add a new z.rst too ;)
[11:16:53] <Marc Worrell> z:log_level(debug | info | warning | error)
[11:16:54] <Andreas Stenius> just add the stuff you did now, and we'll have to fill in the rest at some point.
[11:17:05] <Marc Worrell> shorthand for setting the console backend log level.
[11:17:18] <Andreas Stenius> nice :)
[11:17:42] <Marc Worrell> also added a debug message when the code reloader reloads a module
[11:17:53] <Marc Worrell> then at least you see what is happening :p
[11:18:29] <Marc Worrell> Where is best to add a z.rst?
[11:18:34] <Marc Worrell> hmmmm
[11:19:31] <Arjan> that presentation is from over a year ago
[11:33:49] <Maas> It is from last erlang factory. Looks like it has a wrong date on it.
[11:33:58] <Maas> See here: https://www.bountysource.com/#fundraisers/83-farwest
[11:42:30] <Arjan> I doubt it, http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/SFBay2012/speakers/LoicHoguin
[11:42:32] <Arjan> really from 2012
[11:42:45] <Marc Worrell> yes, I can remember it was a bit old
[11:42:58] <Marc Worrell> don't know the current status of farwest
[11:43:26] <Maas> Then it looks like he is trying to spark new life into it.
[11:43:46] <Marc Worrell> not too much happening
[11:43:46] <Marc Worrell> https://github.com/extend/farwest/commits/master
[11:44:31] <Marc Worrell> Big commit with some admin ui
[11:44:34] <Marc Worrell> thigh
[11:44:37] <Marc Worrell> though
[11:47:21] <Maas> Looks like he wants to marry it to riak too.
[11:47:50] <Marc Worrell> yep - i see a riak_pid
[11:48:36] <Marc Worrell> then you can only use it in a cluster setting
[11:51:58] <Maas> Caching data in the app will be very hard then.
[12:01:05] <Marc Worrell> yeo
[12:01:07] <Marc Worrell> yep
[12:01:17] <Marc Worrell> and quite impossible to deploy on a single vm
[12:01:40] <Marc Worrell> Riak wants at least 3 beam VMs, and on different physical nodes.
[12:01:53] <Marc Worrell> so he is targeting another kind of user
[12:02:14] <Maas> Indeed yes.
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