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[09:51:46] <Marc Worrell> I have a problem building the docs locally
[09:51:53] <Marc Worrell> anyone recognizes these problems?
[09:51:53] <Marc Worrell> New doc: ref/modules/mod_export.rst
sed: -: No such file or directory
sphinx-build -b html -d _build/doctrees . _build/html
Running Sphinx v1.1.3
loading pickled environment... done
building [html]: targets for 670 source files that are out of date
updating environment: [config changed] 674 added, 14 changed, 14 removed
reading sources... [100%] tutorials/zotonic_status
/Users/marc/Sites/zotonic-mx/doc/manuals/cookbook/justenough-otp1.rst:2: WARNING: Explicit markup ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.
/Users/marc/Sites/zotonic-mx/doc/manuals/cookbook/justenough-otp1.rst:89: WARNING: Inline literal start-string without end-string.
/Users/marc/Sites/zotonic-mx/doc/manuals/cookbook/justenough-otp1.rst:206: WARNING: Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.
/Users/marc/Sites/zotonic-mx/doc/manuals/cookbook/justenough-otp2.rst:196: WARNING: Definition list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.
/Users/marc/Sites/zotonic-mx/doc/manuals/cookbook/justenough-otp2.rst:197: WARNING: Definition list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.
/Users/marc/Sites/zotonic-mx/doc/ref/scomps/scomp_chart_pie.rst:27: WARNING: nonlocal image URI found: http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?&cht=p&chts=909090,10&chs=300x150&chg=0,0,1,5&chf=bg,s,ffffff|c,s,ffffff&chdlp=b&chbh=-3,3,7&chxt=x&chxl=0:|firefox|internet%20explorer|safari|chrome|other&chxs=0,909090,10&chco=&chds=0,100&chd=t:23,67,4,3,3&chls=1,1,0
/Users/marc/Sites/zotonic-mx/doc/ref/scomps/scomp_chart_pie3d.rst:25: WARNING: nonlocal image URI found: http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?&cht=p3&chts=909090,10&chs=300x150&chg=0,0,1,5&chf=bg,s,ffffff|c,s,ffffff&chdlp=b&chbh=-3,3,7&chxt=x&chxl=0:|firefox|internet%20explorer|safari|chrome|other&chxs=0,909090,10&chco=&chds=0,100&chd=t:23,67,4,3,3&chls=1,1,0
/Users/marc/Sites/zotonic-mx/doc/ref/templates/template_admin.rst:2: SEVERE: Problems with "include" directive path:
InputError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'ref/templates/meta-admin.rst'.
[09:52:04] <Andreas Stenius> reading...
[09:52:24] <Marc Worrell> I guess the problem starts with the sed warning
[09:52:36] <Andreas Stenius> you have sed, right?
[09:52:55] <Andreas Stenius> uhm, it's prob the - that it doesn't like
[09:53:02] <Andreas Stenius> where ever that came from..?
[09:54:19] <Andreas Stenius> seems to be a few inconsistencies with the meta files...
[09:54:45] <Andreas Stenius> there's alos the no such file for meta-admin.rst
[09:54:49] <Andreas Stenius> also*
[09:56:31] <Andreas Stenius> building on my dev machine now.. to see what it says. will have to pull in latest changes too, and rebuild to see if it changes things..
[09:57:38] <Andreas Stenius> heh, was 111 commits behind on this machine..
[09:57:45] <Andreas Stenius> quite a few new docs too..
[09:58:19] <Andreas Stenius> but it seems to have built ok...
[09:58:28] <Andreas Stenius> still a bunch of warnings though...
[09:59:37] <Marc Worrell> the warnings are ok - will check what the sed is doing - might be the source of the problem
[09:59:57] <Arjan> we should build the docs also on travis
[10:00:03] <Andreas Stenius> my build, if you want to compare.. http://pastebin.com/UX0T9t49
[10:00:17] <Arjan> and run sphinx-build with -W -- so that travis fails if there is a sphinx warning
[10:00:30] <Andreas Stenius> +1 :)
[10:01:07] <Andreas Stenius> then we need to solve those non local URI warnings too...
[10:01:38] <Andreas Stenius> maybe add to the build to pull those img's down locally and have them included in the docs that way..
[10:14:49] <Marc Worrell> ok, sed is working (with a temp file) - now checking the include paths...
[10:17:11] <Andreas Stenius> for me, the only file trying to include meta-admin.rst is template_admin.rst
[10:17:35] <Andreas Stenius> do have both of those files? (in doc/ref/templates )
[10:18:15] <Marc Worrell> so we need to run "make stubs" somewhere in the build process
[10:18:38] <Andreas Stenius> ah, yes...
[10:18:53] <Andreas Stenius> doesn't make docs do that already?
[10:19:17] <Andreas Stenius> docs:
@echo Building HTML documentation...
cd doc && make stubs && make html
@echo HTML documentation is now available in doc/_build/html/
[10:19:24] <Marc Worrell> hmm, problem is it doesn't work on my machine, nothing is created in ref/templates
[10:19:38] <Andreas Stenius> ah
[10:19:51] <Marc Worrell> testing
[10:20:02] <Marc Worrell> OS X has a BSD sub system - everything just a bit different :-)
[10:20:26] <Andreas Stenius> prob the doc/ref/templates/.generate script that has issues in that case...
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[10:21:35] <Andreas Stenius> heh, there's some serious bash magic going on in that script...
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[10:30:18] <Marc Worrell> of course it is that sed command that doesn't work...
[10:30:29] <Marc Worrell> hacking the regexp / BSD sed options
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[11:05:54] <Marc Worrell> ok, I split the regexp a bit - now it works :-)
[11:06:18] <Marc Worrell> New construct:
[11:06:19] <Marc Worrell> echo $f
read -r mod templatepath <<EOF
`echo $f | sed -e 's/^.*\/\(mod_[^\/]*\)\/templates\/\(.*\)\.tpl$/\1 \2/'`
template=`basename $templatepath`
read -r device <<EOF
`dirname $templatepath | sed -e 's/^\.$//'`
[11:06:32] <Andreas Stenius> oh. ok :)
[11:06:36] <Marc Worrell> :p
[11:06:48] <Andreas Stenius> trying to get zotonic to run on windows again... :p
[11:06:55] <Andreas Stenius> got it almost working...
[11:07:15] <Andreas Stenius> (zotonic001@Neo)1> 11:05:44.689 [info] Site started: zotonic_status (<0.340.0>)
(zotonic001@Neo)1> 11:05:44.711 [error] z_module_manager:499 [zotonic_status] Error starting module zotonic_status: {error,{missing_dependencies,[bootstrap]}}
[11:07:26] <Andreas Stenius> is what I'm not getting right now...
[11:07:47] <Marc Worrell> yeah, successful docs build on OS X
[11:07:56] <Andreas Stenius> yay :)
[11:08:01] <Marc Worrell> enable mod_bootstrap :)
[11:08:21] <Andreas Stenius> yeah, but it's for zotonic_status, it has mod_bootstrap in the mods already in the site config
[11:08:32] <Marc Worrell> strange
[11:08:39] <Andreas Stenius> I think so too!
[11:09:22] <Andreas Stenius> I've made some hacks to get it thus far, using mingw and all to get a semi-nix system that is windows friendly enough...
[11:09:44] <Andreas Stenius> guess it would be easier to simply compile erlang in cygwin and use that, instead of the native windows erlang...
[11:11:08] <Andreas Stenius> If I ignore that bootstrap dependency issue... and hit localhost:8000, I get another weird error:
(zotonic001@Neo)1> 11:10:29.768 [error] webmachine error: path="/": {error,{badrecord,context},[{resource_zotonic_status,service_available,2,[]},{webmachine_controller,controller_call,3,[{file,"src/we
[11:11:31] <Andreas Stenius> maybe just drop the whole idea of running zotonic on windows...
[11:15:06] <Andreas Stenius> a few lines of erlang to get a system tray icon on :D
1> wx:new().
2> I=wxIcon:new("CARGOLOG.ICO", [{type, 3}]).
3> wxIcon:ok(I).
4> T=wxTaskBarIcon:new().
5> wxTaskBarIcon:setIcon(T, I, [{tooltip, "yay!"}]).
[11:15:35] <Maas> Ow god, wx windows.
[11:15:56] <Andreas Stenius> well, wxWidgets, but yes... :p
[11:16:08] <Andreas Stenius> (renamed a few years ago... or something...)
[11:16:36] <Andreas Stenius> if you want to do gui with erlang, wx is the easiest way, I think...
[11:16:45] <Maas> Reviewed it for a desktop app a couple of years ago. Total weirdness.
[11:16:55] <Maas> They should have gone for Qt.
[11:17:08] <Maas> If they really wanted desktop apps.
[11:17:38] <Andreas Stenius> never looked at Qt.. got the feeling it's not entirely free to use...
[11:19:45] <Maas> It is totally free, lgpl
[11:19:48] <Andreas Stenius> looking at their site, it gives a far better feel than I got last time I looked at it (which was years and years ago... :p )
[11:19:53] <Andreas Stenius> cool
[11:20:21] <Andreas Stenius> intriged by "Qt SVG"... :)
[11:21:23] <Maas> It is a nice framework. Especially if you can develop with something more advanced than c++
[11:21:42] <Maas> There is a nice python integration
[11:22:18] <Maas> Or maybe they should have gone the web route... or xulrunner. That would be totally radical.
[11:41:35] <Andreas Stenius> wow, extensive documentation... :)
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[12:02:52] <Andreas Stenius> speaking of the sequel to the movie (Z team version), did you see http://www.gar1t.com/blog/2013/03/21/erlang-the-movie-ii-the-sequel/ ?
[12:03:33] <Maas> From the trenches of the web 1.0 world.....
[12:07:00] <Maas> If you have a slow website, maybe you can hire the Z-Team.
[12:07:23] <Andreas Stenius> :)
[12:08:34] <Maas> And then Marc smoking a sigar and saying... "I love it when a plan comes together" ;-)
[12:08:55] <Maas> Maybe we should swap the sigar with something else.
[12:09:58] <Andreas Stenius> hehe... yeah, don't know what yet, though
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