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[09:06:52] <Marc Worrell> https://twitter.com/anarchival/status/307142258313003011
[09:07:07] <Marc Worrell> Swedes speaking English…. :p
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[09:51:50] <Maas> LOL
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[12:37:28] <Andreas Stenius> hmm... {% wire name='foo' ... %} is hardly documented. It's missing from here: http://zotonic.com/docs/0.9/ref/scomps/scomp_wire.html#arguments
and only mentioned very briefly here: http://zotonic.com/docs/0.9/manuals/templates/calling-zotonic.html#wired-events.
[12:37:58] <Andreas Stenius> it can be a bit confusing, so could serve well to expand it (talking as much to myself as any one else... )
[12:41:18] <Andreas Stenius> hey, Maas, chart updates going smooth now ;) https://github.com/kaos/zotonic/tree/z_stats
[12:41:30] <Andreas Stenius> not "live" yet.. only updates on the push of a button..
[12:41:42] <Andreas Stenius> but it's the same as triggering the same event from a timer.. :)
[12:42:12] <Maas> Cool, haven't had much time to hack on it this week... busy and now my work computer died on me.
[12:42:21] <Andreas Stenius> doh
[12:42:31] <Maas> That sucks bigtime....
[12:42:40] <Andreas Stenius> well, I've hacked away, learned some javascript in the process.. :p
[12:43:10] <Andreas Stenius> yeah.. is it dead, as in really dead and you need to get a new one?
[12:43:28] <Maas> Nice, and learning new tricks in the process.
[12:43:28] <Andreas Stenius> didn't you just get a new one, btw?
[12:43:41] <Andreas Stenius> indeed. and understanding the tricks of others...
[12:44:18] <Andreas Stenius> the whole prototype stuff and this is quite confusing
[12:44:27] <Maas> Was a laptop, somehow it doesn't load the battery anymore...
[12:44:39] <Andreas Stenius> hmm :/
[12:44:51] <Maas> Indeed hm :-/
[12:45:19] <Andreas Stenius> My battery on my MacBook looks like it had an internal explosion...
[12:45:31] <Andreas Stenius> luckily I don't use it for work much..
[12:45:36] <Maas> Where you planning to poll from js
[12:45:48] <Andreas Stenius> uhm... yes?
[12:45:49] <Maas> eeks
[12:46:05] <Andreas Stenius> ok.... any better suggestions? :)
[12:46:09] <Marc Worrell> They say that some laptops need to have their battery frozen and/or reset to get it loading again - maybe that is the issue?
[12:46:11] <Maas> That is perfectly fine I guess
[12:46:32] <Andreas Stenius> oh, the eeks was about the battery, was it?
[12:46:51] <Maas> Looks like the power cord connection broke or something
[12:46:56] <Andreas Stenius> chat sync issue.. :p
[12:47:02] <Marc Worrell> poll is ok for now - when we have a better pubsub then we can use that (Maas and I are discussing some things :) )
[12:47:09] <Andreas Stenius> good hand with a soldering iron?
[12:47:20] <Andreas Stenius> indeed, pubsub would be great
[12:47:40] <Andreas Stenius> it's fun to see the scales follow the bars when they change.. :)
[12:48:14] <Maas> Great that you are working on it btw.
[12:48:48] <Andreas Stenius> yeah, would love to have it done soon... it kind of takes time from other important work.. :p
[12:49:05] <Andreas Stenius> but it's too fun not to do, and I really want it :)
[12:49:40] <Maas> :-p Really useful too..
[12:49:53] <Andreas Stenius> :)
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[12:52:52] <Maas> Let's see if I can fix this laptop. On the other hand I need a new one anyway...
[12:56:06] <Maas> Maybe I just go out and buy a small mba. That just works and I don't have to goof around removing windows and installing ubuntu.
[12:56:33] <Andreas Stenius> +1
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[17:14:44] <Arjan> I have a problem with many tabs open to the same website
[17:14:51] <Arjan> any of you experienced somethign like that?
[17:15:01] <Arjan> after like 8 tabs, it stops loading the other ones
[17:15:03] <Arjan> just stalls the browser
[17:15:25] <Arjan> and very high load in beam.smp right now
[17:15:58] <Arjan> that kind of sucks when you are at a client
[17:17:56] <Arjan> cannot reproduce it locally
[17:36:40] <Andreas Stenius> no, not me..
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[18:14:43] <Arjan> its just on the zotonic.com server
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[20:11:37] <Maas> Yes, but only with comet connections...
[20:12:33] <Maas> when there is a stream connection.
[20:13:53] <Marc Worrell> @Arjan - yep that is because your comet connection uses up all the open connection to the same host.
[20:14:14] <Marc Worrell> For that we have the "stream host" setting - with wildcards for extra hosts
[20:14:42] <Maas> Browsers open a limited number of sockets to one domain name. If that is the case, then you can reconfigure the site with the streamhost option
[20:14:56] <Maas> :-)
[20:15:07] <Marc Worrell> We can put zotonic on
[20:15:49] <Marc Worrell> That is where the 0,9 is running - Zotonic is now still using the old IP on which Varnish is running
[20:16:13] <Marc Worrell> (Aside: we need that internal forwarding/proxy thing for Zotonic :-) )
[20:19:17] <Maas> What do you mean? Do you want to move zotonic.com <http://zotonic.com> to another server?
[20:19:32] <Marc Worrell> same server - 4 IP addresses :p
[20:19:43] <Marc Worrell> only a DNS change
[20:21:18] <Marc Worrell> But our idea of a Zotonic "cluster on one machine" where requests are proxied to the newest (and enabled) zotonic running a certain site might be very useful.
[20:21:25] <Marc Worrell> No more port configurations etc
[20:21:39] <Marc Worrell> (Only for SSL - but that is a whole different story)
[20:23:26] <Maas> Have been looking around. There is an old erlang dns server implementation for R6 or something...
[20:28:43] <Maas> Bit the bullet and bought an 13" mbp..
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[20:29:26] <Marc Worrell> Ha, then you have a newer one than mine :p
[20:29:34] <Marc Worrell> (MBP that is)
[20:30:03] <Marc Worrell> Do we need DNSSec for our federation DNS?
[20:30:20] <Maas> 8 gig ram, want to put vm with linux on it too.
[20:30:22] <Marc Worrell> (yeah people, next week I will write down what Maas and I are discussing…)
[20:30:37] <Marc Worrell> :-) I have 16GB - my text editor started to swap :-s
[20:30:57] <Marc Worrell> But now can run a couple of Windows VMs at the same time
[20:31:55] <Maas> Do you also use macfuse?
[20:32:16] <Marc Worrell> not yet
[20:35:46] <Maas> dnssec haven't looked into that much yet.
[20:40:51] <Marc Worrell> https://github.com/andrewtj/dnsxd
[20:43:08] <Marc Worrell> Andrew Tunnell Jones has a lot of DNS stuff for Erlang :) https://github.com/andrewtj
[20:44:02] <Maas> Now that is really nice, than we can make configuration really easy.
[20:44:17] <Marc Worrell> Even bonjour - great for clusters on a LAN
[20:45:48] <Maas> For services... on a nas... or something like that.
[20:46:01] <Maas> or intranet solutions
[20:46:10] <Marc Worrell> yep
[20:46:11] <Marc Worrell> :)
[20:48:27] <Maas> a personal family cloud.
[20:49:25] <Marc Worrell> Then everyone can bring in his own Erlang processing node :p
[20:49:29] <Marc Worrell> automatic hookup
[20:50:35] <Maas> A must with all the the different internet appliances in the average home.
[20:51:06] <Maas> http://eddie.sourceforge.net/what.html This is the other ancient erlang dns solution
[20:51:14] <Marc Worrell> yep, especially when you bring your fridge - it should hook up as well
[20:53:35] <Maas> That would be very cool :-)
[20:55:12] <Marc Worrell> Eddie - 1999 - really advanced for its time
[20:55:59] <Maas> Indeed, some parts look like what we need.
[20:57:04] <Maas> 1999 was the dark ages of the internet
[20:59:35] <Maas> Was working on my first customer website back then... with Illustra database... running on nt with a quad cpu washing machine server... nt used only one cpu and the other 3 cpu's where keeping each other busy.
[21:01:30] <Maas> illustra was a commercial branch of postgres.
[21:03:37] <Marc Worrell> going to eat :) finally
[21:04:02] <Marc Worrell> fixed the account/invite/claim/merge/whatnot juggling of maxclass :)
[21:04:31] <Maas> boy, that is tricky stuff. lots of paths to go through
[21:04:58] <Maas> eetsmakelijk
[21:21:34] <Marc Worrell> hmmm, thinking we can use inotify (linux) and fslogger (Mac) Zotonic modules to let z_notifier send file change events in the relevant directories...
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[21:46:27] <Maas> That sounds nice. File scanning eats a considerable bit of processing time...
[21:57:28] <Maas> for vm on osx, do you use virtualbox? or parallels?
[21:59:24] <Marc Worrell> yeah - the ultimate file tracer! :-)
[21:59:25] <Marc Worrell> http://code.google.com/p/python-watchdog/
[21:59:37] <Marc Worrell> I use parallels - cheap and works well
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