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[08:53:02] <Marc Worrell> Still nice - the main zotonic.com server (which hosts also maxclass, women on waves, mediafonds etc etc) only consumes 40-44 Watt… quite good for an old intel quad core.
[08:58:05] <simon.smithies> Am enjoying http://zotonic.com/blog/1002/zotonic-on-floss-tv
[08:58:22] <Marc Worrell> :) was a nice interview - we had a good time
[08:59:20] <Marc Worrell> Am working on a new concept for Zotonic - RAIWS - redundant array of inexpensive websites - kind of federation of web sites, sharing resources, balancing load, backing up to each other etc. etc.
[08:59:28] <simon.smithies> I can tell -- your history of zotonic is great
[08:59:43] <Marc Worrell> Thanks
[08:59:58] <simon.smithies> RAIWS - interesting concept
[09:00:43] <simon.smithies> That is kind of how I think zotonic works for me
[09:01:03] <simon.smithies> running multiple small sites on a single low cost server
[09:01:25] <Marc Worrell> A bit of rethinking centralized compute clusters in a more pragmatic way, geared towards what a typical web site really needs.
[09:03:48] <simon.smithies> are you talking about one site distributed across a cluster using this mechanism? Or multiple sites distributed across a cluster?
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[09:19:20] <Maas> @marc, A, yes the extra tables... I have a couple of those to...
[09:20:13] <Maas> Have them in two categories... I use the tkvstore to connect props to edges.
[09:20:43] <Maas> Other tables are usually important for range queries
[09:21:18] <Maas> When you don't need more complex range queries the resource model works fine.
[09:23:20] <Maas> Recently I've moved one table to the rsc model to take advantage of the built in caching.
[09:27:57] <Maas> maybe it calls for a bit of a rewrite for modules using tables like that.
[09:30:11] <Maas> Your idea was to keep the complete edge table on every node or not?
[09:33:43] <Maas> There is another table which can be kind of important for some sites....
[09:33:51] <Maas> persistent
[09:52:08] <Maas> Maybe we should make add support for sharding tables which are linked to resource ids. And then replicate them to the places where the resource lands. Then all records linked to a resource is close to the resource.
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[12:32:06] <Andreas Stenius> Some charts coming along (slowly)... https://github.com/mmzeeman/zotonic/pull/2 ;)
[12:36:46] <Arjan> Andreas Stenius: nice!
[12:36:54] <Andreas Stenius> :)
[12:37:07] <Andreas Stenius> have some good ideas for live data too.. ;)
[12:40:25] <Arjan> you might draw inspiration from zynamo's stats branch, btw
[12:40:39] <Arjan> it does live graph updates
[12:40:45] <Andreas Stenius> indeed. will look at it when it comes to live data
[12:41:01] <Arjan> the statz application collected time-based graph data
[12:41:54] <Andreas Stenius> Mike has more sample charts than I knew one could come up with: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock all done with D3.js of course :)
[12:42:12] <Arjan> k
[13:55:15] <Marc Worrell> @Andreas: do you know this one? http://smoothiecharts.org
[13:58:03] <Marc Worrell> And this one, from ShutterStock: https://github.com/shutterstock/rickshaw
[14:02:08] <Marc Worrell> The last one is really nice
[14:02:17] <Marc Worrell> The smoothie one is lightweight
[14:02:47] <Marc Worrell> Maybe we can abstract this all and put it into a module? With some templates, tags or whatnot
[14:18:39] <Andreas Stenius> Yeah, was thinking that at the end of it, there ought to be a graphing module..
[14:18:43] <Andreas Stenius> rickshaw seems nice.
[14:19:05] <Marc Worrell> yeah, maybe nice when we can just do a notification and have the graph be subscribed to it :p
[14:19:17] <Andreas Stenius> +1 :)
[14:19:19] <Marc Worrell> (yes, we need cross ua/server notifications - working on specs)
[14:19:23] <Andreas Stenius> I lack docs for those libs, though.
[14:19:57] <Marc Worrell> docs, who needs docs? :p
[14:20:04] <Andreas Stenius> they have plenty of examples, but when the examples don't do precisely what you want, you end up reading a lot of code...
[14:20:09] <Andreas Stenius> :p
[14:20:30] <Marc Worrell> there are some examples though - maybe enough info there…. docs is clearly a difficult thing for open source projects....
[14:20:36] <Andreas Stenius> I started with a lib from novus, also based on d3, but same there, no docs
[14:21:09] <Andreas Stenius> you don't need that much code on top of d3 to get sensible graphs..
[14:21:27] <Andreas Stenius> and there's plenty of d3 sample graphs to draw on, along with docs for d3 itself ! :)
[14:21:49] <Marc Worrell> is there live update (streaming stuff) for D3?
[14:22:01] <Andreas Stenius> yep, sort of
[14:22:07] <Andreas Stenius> there's something called transition
[14:22:16] <Andreas Stenius> so you get smooth updates from one state to the next
[14:22:42] <Marc Worrell> good enough - i think - still sounds like thinking & programming - especially when you miss some updates
[14:22:50] <Andreas Stenius> look at this one: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/1166403
[14:23:03] <Andreas Stenius> click on the graph to zoom in on parts..
[14:23:29] <Marc Worrell> *dizzy*
[14:23:30] <Andreas Stenius> the zooming is incomprehensible in this case, but it shows the transitions at work
[14:25:07] <Andreas Stenius> ah, this is better, at the bottom of: http://bost.ocks.org/mike/path/
[14:34:12] <Marc Worrell> yeah, much clearer example :)
[14:36:03] <Marc Worrell> very nice as well - what we need :-)
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[16:31:14] <Arjan> pushed gen_smtp bugfix with SMTP header encoding
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