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[09:11:09] <Arjan> redgage_util_static:queue_static_cmd(
[{exchange, ?EXCHANGE_ROUTE}, {route, ?MAIN_ROUTE},
{cmd, redgage_amqp:cmd({?RENDER_CMD, TgtBucket, ContentId}, ?CONTENT_VNODE, ?CHASH_RANDOM)}]),
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[09:14:02] <Maas> ?OOPS
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[10:20:32] <Marc Worrell> hei maas, did you test again with your new timers? That overhead for the page session is indeed too much.
[10:21:44] <Maas14520> Yup, then I can do > 2000 requests a second on the zotonic_status homepage. Then linux runs out of memory when I run siege... Good sign.
[10:21:59] <Marc Worrell> :-)
[10:22:11] <Marc Worrell> too many sessions, I guess?
[10:22:21] <Marc Worrell> or too big siege process? :p
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[10:24:00] <Maas> Siege with 300 concurrent connection with the -b flag
[10:24:22] <Maas> Then at some point it cannot create sockets anymore.
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[10:25:09] <Marc Worrell> hahaha, that can happen :)
[10:25:35] <Marc Worrell> I checked those Intel NUCs a bit further - looks good for a cluster
[10:25:49] <Marc Worrell> 200 ex VAT - then add RAM and a mSATA disk
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[10:26:02] <Marc Worrell> mSATA ~ 0.9 euro / GB
[10:27:17] <Maas> they have 3 versions, one with thunderbolt, then two hdmi and a motherboard only version.
[10:27:22] <Marc Worrell> RAM is 68 ex VAT for 16GB
[10:27:39] <Arjan> nice
[10:27:53] <Maas> wow that is a lot of ram to have in a small cluster...
[10:29:02] <Maas> also saw that gigabyte is making a motherboard with the same form factor.
[10:29:21] <Marc Worrell> Good :)
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[10:29:39] <Marc Worrell> This one seems to use only 9 Watt when idle
[10:32:10] <Marc Worrell> 210 + 40 for 8G RAM + 65 for 64G mSATA disk = 315 euro per node
[10:32:12] <Marc Worrell> not bad
[10:33:20] <Marc Worrell> (ex VAT)
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[10:36:54] <Marc Worrell> But then we might want to add CRC checks to the data blocks we move - as those cheap machines don't have ECC RAM
[10:38:33] <Maas> o yes. do you know if you can use thunderbolt to connect the nucs?
[10:39:06] <Marc Worrell> The cheap ones have Ethernet - the a bit more expensive (around 20 more, they have also a red top) have the thunderbolt connection
[10:39:17] <Marc Worrell> Does Linux support IP over Thunderbolt?
[10:39:28] <Marc Worrell> I think the Gbit ethernet is easier to work with...
[10:40:02] <Marc Worrell> Just get a bunch and plug them into my switch (I have a Cisco 28 port Gbit switch here at home)
[10:40:10] <Maas> thunderbolt is prob too new for linux anyhow
[10:40:33] <Maas> wow
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[10:43:36] <Marc Worrell> when we renovated our house we have added cat6 to all rooms - every room has at least two cat6 connectors. Study has 6, living room has 4.
[10:45:33] <Arjan> nerd!
[10:45:33] <Arjan> :)
[10:45:37] <Arjan> I need to do the same
[10:45:49] <Marc Worrell> you do :p
[10:45:54] <Arjan> although its not easy in an all-concrete building
[10:46:06] <Arjan> gonna replace the phone line that they wired with cat6
[10:46:23] <Marc Worrell> yep - and you should have some cable "kokers" in your new house.
[10:46:46] <Arjan> I do, but only 2 empty ones
[10:46:55] <Arjan> both go upstairs
[10:48:21] <Arjan> but I do have fiber-to-the-home :)
[10:48:32] <Marc Worrell> I want that too :p
[10:48:38] <Arjan> :P
[10:48:48] <Arjan> did you check?
[10:49:19] <Marc Worrell> we only have ziggo cable here
[10:49:33] <Arjan> :-/
[10:49:35] <Marc Worrell> no fibre
[10:49:47] <Marc Worrell> nah, it works - but not the best
[10:50:16] <Arjan> http://www.eindelijkglasvezel.nl/eindelijk-glasvezel.html they have a map
[10:51:37] <Arjan> too bad
[10:51:41] <Marc Worrell> with capitals - they really want to make it clear to me
[10:51:55] <Arjan> only in newly built appartments, it seems
[10:52:00] <Arjan> and the entire of osdorp
[10:52:40] <Arjan> still wondering whether or not I should get a TV subscription
[10:52:58] <Arjan> I can either have 100mbps fiber at xs4all foor 55/month
[10:53:05] <Marc Worrell> Peet just uses "uitzending gemist" and BBC iPlayer
[10:53:13] <Arjan> or have 100mpbs for fiber + tv + phone at tweak.nl
[10:53:14] <Marc Worrell> he also doesn't have a fixed telephone line anymore
[10:53:41] <Marc Worrell> what is the price difference? and do you watch any television at all?
[10:53:56] <Marc Worrell> Like "kroonappels" :p
[10:54:23] <Arjan> its the same price, only different provider
[10:54:38] <Arjan> tv @ xsall = 15 per month, quite expensive
[10:54:53] <Arjan> probably just gonna do only 100mbps internet
[10:55:07] <Arjan> sometimes I watch the news
[10:56:03] <Marc Worrell> but then, when they do have the same price...
[10:56:13] <Marc Worrell> and one offers more for that price
[10:57:45] <Arjan> that is true
[10:58:32] <Marc Worrell> I have 54 for triple play with 60 mbit
[10:59:07] <Marc Worrell> but only 6 mbit up… that is not so nice
[10:59:21] <Arjan> xs4all fiber has a fixed IP address
[10:59:26] <Arjan> tweak.nl is dynamic
[10:59:33] <Marc Worrell> oh, that is super - a fixed address
[10:59:38] <Arjan> yup
[10:59:43] <Arjan> can run my raspberry cluster at home :)
[10:59:47] <Marc Worrell> :p
[11:00:00] <Marc Worrell> I use dyndns - also not too bad
[11:00:07] <Arjan> me too
[11:00:09] <Arjan> router supports it
[11:00:48] <Maas75647> I have fiber optics coming into the meterkast
[11:01:19] <Marc Worrell> :-)
[11:01:46] <Marc Worrell> my NAS handles the dyndns
[11:02:03] <Maas75647> with a fixed ip address
[11:05:27] <Arjan> Maas75647: which provider?
[11:05:41] <Maas75647> xs4all (the expensive one)
[11:06:07] <Arjan> the €55,- one?
[11:06:22] <Maas75647> the 100 Mbps one
[11:06:46] <Maas75647> yes that one.
[11:07:12] <Maas75647> Xs4all has some nice features for nerds...
[11:08:38] <Maas75647> You can ssh to port 80 on xs4all.nl <http://xs4all.nl> to login.
[11:09:03] <Maas75647> Nice when you are traveling and in a hotel which blocks stuff.
[11:09:41] <Marc Worrell> :) cool
[11:09:53] <Marc Worrell> they also provide a proxy via ssh tunnel? :p
[11:10:52] <Maas75647> So that you can surf via their ip?
[11:11:48] <Marc Worrell> something like that
[11:11:54] <Marc Worrell> ideal when you are in China :p
[11:12:07] <Maas75647> You login to a linux server (used to be freebsd) and are allowed to start things.
[11:12:26] <Maas75647> o yeah, that kind of thing
[11:13:09] <Maas75647> Here is their welcome screen...
[11:13:27] <Maas75647> Linux xs8.xs4all.nl <http://xs8.xs4all.nl> 3.2.28-xsserver #2 SMP Thu Aug 30 14:43:48 CEST 2012 x86_64
Welkom bij XS4ALL !
Misbruik van deze shell server zal leiden tot het ontzeggen van de toegang.
Dit omvat o.a. het sturen van spam, TCP-flooding, hacken, poortscannen, het
draaien van zogenaamde gedistribueerde rekenprogramma's (zoals seti@home),
Het is niet toegestaan om IRC proxies (zoals PsyBNC of EZBounce) of andere
proxy-programma's te draaien op deze server. Gelieve SSH poort-forwarding
enkel en alleen voor POP3-verbindingen te gebruiken. Ongeoorloofde proxies
of poort-forwarding-sessies zullen drastisch worden beperkt of zelfs
worden afgeschoten als de server weinig systeembronnen heeft.
Ook zijn alle vormen van peer-to-peer programma's niet toegestaan
Sinds kort is shell.xs4all.nl <http://shell.xs4all.nl> een Linux server ipv FreeBSD. Heb je
vragen / mis je dingen / heb je opmerkingen: unixbeheer@xs4all.nl <mailto:unixbeheer@xs4all.nl>
Als je nog een tcsh shell gebruikt, overweeg die om te zetten in
de standaard bash shell dmv het commando "chsh /bin/bash".
[11:13:48] <Maas75647> ssh portforwarding alleen voor pop
[11:14:11] <Maas75647> Ze hebben overigens wel een http proxy.
[11:14:12] <Marc Worrell> jammer
[11:14:13] <Marc Worrell> :p
[11:14:33] <Marc Worrell> dan zetten we toch zo'n proxy op één van de IP adressen van miffy :p
[11:15:09] <Marc Worrell> or create an AMI and rent it out to people - nice business model :p
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[11:18:34] <Maas> haha huge market.
[11:19:54] <Maas> China is a strange place.
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[11:28:21] <Maas> Visited NW China in 2001 entered via the Torgurat Pass
[11:39:24] <Maas> And then, if you are at the border they can view your visa application (scanned) in the middle of nowhere on a computer screen (in 2001)
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[16:22:11] <Arjan> test
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[22:15:16] <Arjan> guys
[22:15:21] <Arjan> why do we rename the session on logon?
[22:15:35] <Arjan> if I remove that, I can use logon with a "regular" postback
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