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[08:26:24] <Maas> Just saw the beginning. That time is rush hour at our home. Cool that you guys got onto that show.
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[08:28:24] <Maas> Just got the first "support" call for the sqlite nif too... coincidence?
[08:28:47] <Arjan> :)
[08:31:47] <Maas> Somebody wanted to know if it supported the FTS4 extension... told him we wanted to integrate it into zotonic... Got a really nice answer back... "Ahh the famous *Zotonic*" :-)
[08:32:23] <Maas> So I guess you guys are famous now... ;-)
[08:44:39] <Arjan> :)
[08:44:42] <Arjan> nice
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[08:55:35] <Andreas Stenius> cool :)
[09:12:31] <Andreas Stenius> Watching the FLOSS show... :) (we should do this more often :p )
[09:27:32] <Arjan> :D
[09:31:12] <Maas> Btw, what is the link to view the show?
[09:31:20] <Andreas Stenius> http://twit.tv/floss/243
[09:31:36] <Maas> Couldn't find it on their site...
[09:31:39] <Maas> thanks
[09:31:44] <Andreas Stenius> :)
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[09:55:46] <Maas> Nice interview guys... Viewing this we definitely have to somehow show/document at what point you have to scale out with zotonic.... It is just in a whole different category when you compare it with all the other frameworks.
[09:56:44] <Andreas Stenius> yeah, I have a few notes too that needs some work from this interview. They had some good questions.. ;)
[09:59:22] <Maas> What it basically means that instead of managing 10 boxes with X on it (and a lot of added compexity) you can do it with just 1 box with Z :-)
[10:00:08] <Marc Worrell> indeed, that is also what we here from others deploying Zotonic.
[10:00:34] <Marc Worrell> And Erlang scales very well with more cores - so scaling up is extremely effective.
[10:01:20] <Marc Worrell> Especially when you see the current costs of VPS systems - they seem to get cheaper every month
[10:02:09] <Maas> lol, the licence question. Just got the same yesterday for sqlite nif.
[10:02:23] <Marc Worrell> yes?
[10:02:40] <Marc Worrell> It is so obvious, when you think about it, to go for MIT or APLv@
[10:02:44] <Marc Worrell> @=2
[10:02:45] <Maas> didn't put a license file in.. it was important for some reason
[10:03:34] <Maas> apache it is...
[10:04:38] <Andreas Stenius> there's so much I want to do, yet so little time.. :/
[10:05:05] <Marc Worrell> yes, always put a license in.
[10:05:29] <Marc Worrell> according to the Dutch law, when you don't put a license in then it is all rights reserved (afaik).
[10:05:59] <Maas> Ow ok. I thought having it in the header code was enough
[10:11:33] <Marc Worrell> That is where you put your copyright/ownership statement.
[10:11:47] <Marc Worrell> With the license you define what rights you give other people.
[10:22:47] <Maas> Hopefully he is going to use the sqlite nif...
[10:27:33] <Maas> Nice to hear the interviewers got enthusiastic, curious and interested during the interview. Perfect!
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[12:15:28] <Andreas Stenius> It was a good interview (but I think Arjan was a bit nervous.. I'm sure I would've been too; practice practice practice ;)
[12:21:57] <Marc Worrell> We are getting more exposure - it is great - can't wait till the book comes out :-)
[12:23:28] <Marc Worrell> We need to add our Google Analytics id to the doc pages as well
[12:23:51] <Andreas Stenius> Yeah, I expect there's going to be a increased in-flow of people trying it out during the coming year
[12:24:05] <Andreas Stenius> Ah, right. Good point :) I can look into that
[12:24:24] <Marc Worrell> yesterday we got 359 visitors - normally 180-200.
[12:24:38] <Marc Worrell> So a slight increase − will see what happens in the coming days.
[12:24:52] <Andreas Stenius> stats! :)
[12:25:18] <Marc Worrell> :p we need them on the server - even more important :p
[12:26:06] <Andreas Stenius> indeed
[12:26:43] <Andreas Stenius> would like to setup some benchmarking
[12:26:51] <Andreas Stenius> has two benefits
[12:27:00] <Andreas Stenius> one being to compare against other technologies
[12:27:06] <Marc Worrell> yep - we certainly need to check for new bottle necks - so much code has been changed over the time
[12:27:12] <Maas> hehe... so much stuff to do :-)
[12:27:14] <Andreas Stenius> and the other to keep an eye on our performance over time
[12:27:33] <Andreas Stenius> to make sure we don't go in the wrong direction
[12:28:12] <Marc Worrell> Zynamo might give quite a hit - we really need to review design decisions there and see if we can keep processing local as much as possible
[12:32:23] <Maas> Almost done with the simple stat collection. It needs model to retrieve the stats and some checking to see if it doesn't leak memory.
[12:32:54] <Marc Worrell> About Google Summer of Code:
[12:32:56] <Marc Worrell> "The next step is to create a list of ideas/projects and details those the best you can.
I will put up a wiki soon so we can put it all online! I will let you know."
[12:33:05] <Marc Worrell> (José Valim)
[12:33:46] <Maas> https://github.com/mmzeeman/zotonic/tree/z_stats
[12:35:53] <Andreas Stenius> will try your stats tonight if I get a chance :)
[12:37:15] <Andreas Stenius> got another fun idea: present a graph over all resources and edges (using Graphviz http://www.graphviz.org) :p
[12:39:47] <Maas> Another small thing I would like to have is the host name in the access log.
[12:40:03] <Marc Worrell> or rather access logs per host
[12:40:14] <Marc Worrell> and rollover of logs
[12:49:53] <Maas> This also looks cool http://d3js.org
[12:51:43] <Andreas Stenius> wow, where does ppl come up with all this?! :p
[12:58:28] <Marc Worrell> we need a realtime D3 :)
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[13:12:47] <Andreas Stenius> oh, this was way fun to play with: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4062045 (pick a dot and drag it around! :p )
[13:21:42] <Maas> Nice... but to display all resources and links requires quite a big query :-)
[13:22:00] <Andreas Stenius> yeah...
[13:22:07] <Maas> just page it in i guess
[13:22:24] <Marc Worrell> yeah, you can do the page and maybe 1 or two extra hops
[13:22:32] <Marc Worrell> mostly not that much
[13:22:43] <Marc Worrell> or click to expand
[13:24:42] <Marc Worrell> *argghhh, MaxClass ACL is not the easiest of all ACLs...*
[13:24:44] <Andreas Stenius> this one was also fun: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/929623 where you can create your own graph interactively..! :D
[13:25:02] <Maas> Nice to use some graphical stuff here and there.
[13:25:51] <Maas> graphs are cool :-)
[13:27:26] <Marc Worrell> This map can't be correct, Sweden is soooo much bigger than the dutch lands…. http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4180634 :p
[13:28:55] <Andreas Stenius> hehe.. but you don't have any land, do you? :p
[13:29:57] <Maas> just 100 square meters :-)
[13:30:14] <Andreas Stenius> hehe... we have plenty of space per capita, just looking at india, looks like it may be 3 times the area, but they have way more than 3 times the population :p
[13:30:23] <Maas> -4m under sea level
[13:30:31] <Andreas Stenius> more like a field ;)
[13:30:33] <Marc Worrell> … and counting :p
[13:31:01] <Marc Worrell> we have some fields - we have cows on them
[13:31:09] <Andreas Stenius> collapsible graph: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/1062288
[13:31:22] <Maas> our country may be small, but it is very high :-)
[13:33:44] <Andreas Stenius> lol- the states: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/1073373
[13:33:57] <Andreas Stenius> I messed it up :p
[13:34:22] <Andreas Stenius> now, that's a puzzle to solve ;)
[13:53:29] <Maas> Would be fun to see some erlang processes links and monitors with graphs like these...
[13:54:31] <Maas> easier to do than with wx i think.
[14:01:03] <Andreas Stenius> something like this: http://www.concurix.com/main/products
[14:01:50] <Andreas Stenius> now that I've seen d3.js, I bet that is what they've used... I was wondering what they used when I first stumbled upon this site...
[14:01:56] <Maas> already done... lol
[14:03:22] <Maas> Looks pretty similar indeed.
[14:04:29] <Marc Worrell> yeah, you can impress easily with fancy looking graphics :)
[14:04:56] <Andreas Stenius> well, if it looks good, it has to be good, right ;)
[14:05:07] <Maas> would already love it if the standard otp tools like appmon and tv where more or less web/network based instead of glueing them to some old fashioned gui toolkit.
[14:06:06] <Andreas Stenius> well, running them on a *nix macihne, I find it workable to redirect my display to a local machine. That works surprisingly well :)
[14:06:13] <Maas> Lol a real site-map with a graph :-)
[14:06:43] <Andreas Stenius> oh, yeah. I missed that one! :p
[14:08:50] <Maas> that site is eating 100% of my cpu....
[14:09:28] <Marc Worrell> that is not very mobile friendly
[14:09:35] <Andreas Stenius> hmm.. well, it does eat 12% of mine..
[14:09:52] <Andreas Stenius> and I have 8 cores...
[14:10:00] <Maas> Poor core 2 duo...
[14:22:00] <Maas> It is glowing hot, gpu heatsink 71 C. Nice for wintertime programming...
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