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[10:28:20] <Maas> Look super cool, also fun to see they use trello as a roadmap tool
[10:28:34] <Andreas Stenius> trello?
[10:28:37] <Maas> https://trello.com/board/brackets/4f90a6d98f77505d7940ce88
[10:28:57] <Maas> We use it internally too as a sort of online scrumboard
[10:29:16] <Andreas Stenius> was just thinking that it looked very much like such :)
[10:41:56] <Andreas Stenius> that's seriously looking neat! pretty much what I envision with my trackz project.. :p
[10:42:17] <Andreas Stenius> except a few graphs and stats, perhaps are missing..
[10:45:05] <Maas> It is pretty nice. It saved our butt during the internet-less office days.
[10:47:24] <Maas> Working from home and still be able to plan stuff as we where used to do.
[13:09:18] <Maas> A lot of mobile apps use a half web half native approach theses days. Isn't it an idea to write something on that with a zotonic perspective?
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[16:14:34] <Marc Worrell> Quick check, I want to have a generic check is something "looks like" an e-mail addres.
[16:14:56] <Marc Worrell> For this I want to move the regular expression from validator_base_email to z_stdlib.
[16:15:13] <Marc Worrell> Which z_stdlib file would be the best home for this routine?
[16:15:33] <Maas> I think i have a regex somewhere for validator
[16:15:41] <Marc Worrell> We have one :p
[16:15:49] <Marc Worrell> re() ->
| ([\\w\\!\\#\\$\\%\\&\\'\\*\\+\\-\\~\\/\\^\\`\\|\\{\\}]+
[16:15:54] <Maas> ow god
[16:16:33] <Maas> Sorry indeed, I have one which checks names (utf8)
[16:16:57] <Marc Worrell> :p
[16:17:01] <Maas> needed some regex fiddling for that to keep js and erlang regexes compatible
[16:17:49] <Marc Worrell> is indeed a mess - those regexps - almost compatible…. almost
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[16:18:08] <Maas> Needed a simple replacement
[16:18:23] <Maas> to make it unicode compatible.
[16:19:12] <Marc Worrell> Shall we place it in z_url or z_string? Otherwise we need another file there, which isn't problematic.
[16:20:48] <Marc Worrell> or just a z_email.erl module there - also for parsing email+name formats.
[16:25:35] <Maas> z_emails sounds nice indeed
[16:25:46] <Marc Worrell> z_email.erl it is then
[16:25:53] <Marc Worrell> adding is_email/1 and extract_email/1
[16:26:07] <Maas> smells_like_email
[16:26:19] <Marc Worrell> extract_emails/1
[16:26:44] <Marc Worrell> is_email is indeed "smells like an e-mail but I can't know for sure with this messy thing you gave me"
[16:27:48] <Maas> Arjan was working on a email address parser if I remember correctly
[16:28:31] <Maas> not sure what the status is of that one.
[16:31:35] <Marc Worrell> Then he can add it to this module :p
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[16:38:04] <Arjan> Maas: true but it is inside a gen_smtp pull requests
[16:38:09] <Arjan> *request
[16:38:27] <Arjan> and not the *email* parser, just an email address list
[16:38:35] <Arjan> rfc822 I think
[16:41:09] <Maas> Now with utf8 domain names. :-)
[16:42:33] <Maas> The current rfc seems to be this one: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5322
[16:48:20] <Marc Worrell> arggg, utf-8 voor de volledige verwarring
[16:49:21] <Maas> Chinese sites enzo, best wel belangrijk.
[16:51:35] <Maas> http://☁→❄→☃→☀→☺→☂→☹→✝.ws/
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[21:54:58] <Andreas Stenius> Hey Maas, that URL didn't resolve for me :p
[21:55:52] <Andreas Stenius> oh, well... it was really slow... got something (jibberish) now... ;)
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