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[11:14:29] <Protagores> How can I help with Russian localization?
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[21:01:14] <Marc Worrell> @protagores Help would be very welcome! Arjan is organizing it, what is your e-mail?
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[21:02:42] <andreas.stenius> or simply drop Arjan a line
[21:02:45] <andreas.stenius> Hi arjan :(
[21:02:52] <andreas.stenius> :)bah
[21:03:05] <andreas.stenius> someone's been fiddling with my kbd layout
[21:03:11] <andreas.stenius> :)
[21:03:52] <Arjan> hey
[21:03:57] <andreas.stenius> brb
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[21:36:02] <andreas.stenius> ping @Marc
[22:25:38] <andreas.stenius> wow, just tried `ack`, nice output :)
[22:26:01] <andreas.stenius> thanks for the tip, Arjan ;)
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