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[09:17:50] <Arjan> andreas.stenius: Just tried zotonic tpl mode
[09:17:56] <Arjan> its really nice!!
[09:18:09] <andreas.stenius> thanks :)
[09:18:30] <andreas.stenius> got quite a few quirks worked out last night...
[09:18:51] <Arjan> :)
[09:19:09] <andreas.stenius> but I don't get why ppl complain so much about multiline font-locks... worked out pretty well I think...
[09:19:09] <Arjan> indenting does not work 100% correct yet
[09:19:20] <andreas.stenius> can you give me an example?
[09:19:25] <andreas.stenius> I'd like to fix it :p
[09:19:28] <Arjan> hehe
[09:19:43] <Arjan> when you are on the outmost level of a HTML tag you can indent it again and again
[09:19:49] <Arjan> or is that by design?
[09:19:57] <andreas.stenius> aha!
[09:20:02] <andreas.stenius> no, not by design....
[09:20:25] <andreas.stenius> not only out-most, but the very first, right?
[09:20:29] <Arjan> also if you do indent-region, some lines are not right
[09:20:38] <Arjan> eh
[09:20:53] <andreas.stenius> they should be right, from the first line onwards...
[09:21:03] <Arjan> yes
[09:21:18] <andreas.stenius> but if the first line is wrong, all that follows will be wrong too (but relatively right, if that makes sense)
[09:21:20] <Arjan> on a big template, emacs hangs when I want to add a line to the top and then try to indent it
[09:21:28] <Arjan> I understand
[09:21:52] <andreas.stenius> is that big template from zotonic? or a private one?
[09:22:12] <Arjan> private one
[09:22:17] <Arjan> I'll try one you can reproduce
[09:22:22] <andreas.stenius> :)
[09:22:50] <Arjan> just open admin_edit.tpl and press enter on the first line
[09:23:00] <andreas.stenius> yeah, just got that too... :)
[09:23:03] <andreas.stenius> thanks
[09:23:23] <andreas.stenius> been so busy with fundamentals, so I've not begun using it for real work yet...
[09:23:27] <Arjan> heh
[09:23:37] <Arjan> If im too early with reporting stuff let me know :P
[09:23:46] <andreas.stenius> no, no problem
[09:23:51] <Arjan> another thing,
[09:23:52] <andreas.stenius> I'll take notes :p
[09:24:05] <Arjan> when a block-like tag ends on the same line that it starts on, it still indents the next line
[09:24:16] <Arjan> so you get:
[09:24:23] <andreas.stenius> yeah, I had a few cases like that in the back of my head...
[09:24:26] <Arjan> {% if foo %}{% endif %}
[09:24:33] <Arjan> k
[09:25:05] <andreas.stenius> keep 'em coming :)
[09:25:14] <Arjan> hmm my snippets no longer work ;) because they are for nxml mode :p
[09:25:22] <Arjan> will need to move them over
[09:25:26] <andreas.stenius> or wait until I've pushed some fixes and look at it again then... ;)
[09:25:28] <andreas.stenius> oh
[09:26:43] <Arjan> k
[09:30:56] <andreas.stenius> ok, I've got 4 issues to resolve: insert line at top, indent first tag, indent region, block indentation when begin/end is on same line.
[09:32:18] <Arjan> :)
[11:22:36] <andreas.stenius> about indent region... what can be tricky is that a html close tag gets the indentation from the opening tag, which may be outside the region... that can make it look wrong.
[11:23:19] <andreas.stenius> apart from that, I can't find any issue with indent region (which simply does a line by line indent from first to last line selected)
[11:24:23] <andreas.stenius> the issue with the initial tag was that it failed to detect that there were no more lines above to look at... endless looooooooop... :p
[11:24:44] <andreas.stenius> I've pushed a fix for that.
[11:25:52] <Arjan> :)
[11:25:53] <Arjan> cool
[11:26:08] <Arjan> I am giving a talk on Erlang next week at CWI (computer science lab here in a'dam)
[11:26:12] <Arjan> the abstract is like this:
[11:26:14] <Arjan> Erlang is a (mostly) functional programming language and runtime system. Originally developed for telephone switches, Erlang applications are known their for their fault-tolerance and are highly concurrent by nature. This talk introduces the Erlang language and its accompanying OTP application framework, highlighting the differences with other functional langauges. The language's actor-based concurrency model is also covered, as well as VM-tuning aspects.
[11:26:38] <Arjan> any suggestions / mistakes?
[11:26:39] <Arjan> :)
[11:26:55] <andreas.stenius> cool. grammar:
[11:27:02] <andreas.stenius> known their for their
[11:27:57] <andreas.stenius> short and concise. I like it :)
[11:29:45] <Arjan> :)
[11:29:53] <Arjan> thanks
[11:32:29] <andreas.stenius> begin/end tags on same line fixed :)
[11:34:17] <Arjan> :D
[11:35:39] <andreas.stenius> that was all issues I got, so far...
[11:36:11] <andreas.stenius> updating NEWS file to mention the new emacs mode...
[11:45:54] <Arjan> lets pull..
[11:46:13] <andreas.stenius> ?
[11:47:18] <Arjan> on some lines, when you press tab, the cursor goes not to the first non-space char, but to a few characters further on
[11:47:51] <Arjan> only when you are at the beginning of the line when press tab
[11:49:15] <andreas.stenius> huh?
[11:49:27] <Arjan> indenting this line or the line after a line like this also makes an infinite loop: <input type="hidden" name="id" value="{{ id }}" />
[11:49:46] <andreas.stenius> could it be because there are tabs (instead of spaces) there...
[11:50:11] <andreas.stenius> ok, I'll try that one.
[11:50:16] <Arjan> yes its tabs vs spaces
[11:50:32] <andreas.stenius> ok, guess I'll have to cope with tabs...
[11:50:37] <Arjan> heh
[11:50:44] <Arjan> or convince marc to use spaces in templates
[11:50:45] <Arjan> :p
[11:50:59] <andreas.stenius> or convert tabs to spaces during indentation! hah :p
[11:51:04] <Arjan> lol
[11:52:19] <andreas.stenius> how strange. guess the {{ }} inside the < ... /> tripped it up...
[11:52:24] andreas.stenius investigates....
[11:52:39] <Arjan> if you remove the last / it goes away
[11:52:52] <Arjan> its just the />
[11:53:07] <andreas.stenius> but a short <hr/> works just fine....
[11:53:48] <Arjan> uhoh emacs is going crazy
[11:53:56] <andreas.stenius> uh?
[11:54:13] <Arjan> it consumed 100% CPU couldnt ctrl-g it
[11:54:48] <andreas.stenius> that's typical for endless looooping...
[11:54:59] <Arjan> :)
[11:55:11] <Arjan> nice that you complete the tag when typing </
[11:55:13] <andreas.stenius> was it something else than the <input ..../> bug
[11:55:18] <Arjan> no
[11:55:35] <andreas.stenius> I don't complete anything,... (!)
[11:55:53] <andreas.stenius> that's got to be some other minor mode's doing....
[11:56:09] <Arjan> oh ok
[11:56:15] <Arjan> oh wait
[11:56:21] <Arjan> it defaulted to nxml-mode after restart :p
[11:56:22] <Arjan> lol
[11:56:32] <andreas.stenius> hah... looking for bugs in nxml-mode are we :p
[11:56:45] <andreas.stenius> (or features)
[11:57:14] <Arjan> nah the bug is still there
[11:57:15] <Arjan> :p
[11:57:38] <Arjan> ok I got other stuff to do... cu later
[11:57:39] <andreas.stenius> yep, debugging it now...
[11:57:43] <andreas.stenius> cu
[11:57:50] <andreas.stenius> thanks for the reports :)
[12:00:00] <Arjan> welcome
[12:03:45] <andreas.stenius> ah, emacs never came out of this regexp: "<[^/]\\([^/>]*\\|\\(/[^/>]\\)*\\)*>"
[12:07:45] <andreas.stenius> ah, just got rid of the extraneous * inside the grouping solved it... no good with * on either side of an or |.
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[14:00:37] <maas.maarten.zeeman> Nice Arjan, the talk for CWI. Spread the word.
[14:03:19] <Arjan> :)
[14:03:34] <Arjan> everybody in the room will know more about function languages than me, but whatever :)
[14:03:55] <Arjan> currently reading up on haskell :p
[14:03:57] <maas.maarten.zeeman> Especially the cwi :-)
[14:04:07] <maas.maarten.zeeman> Home of python
[14:04:56] <maas.maarten.zeeman> Did you try ocaml?
[14:06:07] <Arjan> not yet..
[14:07:18] <maas.maarten.zeeman> Pretty cool too. Especially for systems programming.
[14:24:15] <maas.maarten.zeeman> Erlang is more than just fp & concurrency.
[14:24:47] <Arjan> indeed
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[17:42:57] <Protagores> Hello there.
[18:27:48] <Protagores> Anyone around?
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[20:58:54] <Andreas Stenius> Not right now... (watching a movie...)
[20:59:08] <Protagores> uh
[21:21:24] <Andreas Stenius> I can check in during commercials... ;)
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