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[09:59:03] <Protagores> O hai thar
[10:15:45] <arjan> hi
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[11:46:24] <Protagores> Which latest version is compatible with R14A and postgres 8.4?
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[14:42:17] <arjan> R14A... hmm
[14:42:42] <arjan> you can try 0.8.1, see if it works.
[14:42:51] <arjan> sorry I mean 0.8.2, latest 0.8
[14:42:57] <arjan> can't you upgrade to R14B4?
[15:08:32] <arjan> somebody broke the build!
[15:08:43] <arjan> 812 <https://travis-ci.org/zotonic/zotonic/jobs/3227663/#L812>/home/travis/builds/zotonic/zotonic/src/install/z_install_data.erl, function install/2: at line 33: @spec arity does not match.813 <https://travis-ci.org/zotonic/zotonic/jobs/3227663/#L813>
edoc: skipping source file '/home/travis/builds/zotonic/zotonic/src/install/z_install_data.erl': {'EXIT',error}.
[15:41:39] <maas.maarten.zeeman> The new table?
[15:41:57] <arjan> no this is just edoc
[15:42:10] <arjan> andreas forgot to change a @spec tag
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[16:36:28] <protagores> well... so how to use unix domain socket instead of tcp port for proxying with nginx?
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[16:39:00] <Protagores> and how to update/rebuild codebase on the fly? will just "git pull && make" qualify?
[16:39:49] <Protagores> btw I updated to R15B01 from backports
[16:43:28] <arjan> re unix sockets: I don't think they are supported
[16:44:54] <arjan> for updating:
[16:44:58] <arjan> git pull
[16:45:05] <arjan> and then in the zotonic console: z:m().
[16:45:24] <Protagores> how with erl_call?
[16:45:35] <arjan> or better yet, go to the zotonic_status site, and hit "update zotonic" button
[16:46:01] <arjan> oh yes
[16:46:03] <arjan> you can do:
[16:46:04] <Protagores> well, how to accept tcp from localhost only?
[16:46:06] <arjan> bin/zotonic update
[16:46:43] <Protagores> and another question
[16:46:48] <arjan> localhost only:
[16:46:52] <arjan> export ZOTONIC_IP=
[16:46:55] <arjan> before starting
[16:47:06] <Protagores> is postgresql handled via odbc or commandline clients?
[16:47:30] <arjan> it uses the postgres binary protocol
[16:47:41] <arjan> https://github.com/wg/epgsql
[16:47:42] <Protagores> I mean, do I need to install odbc pgsql drivers?
[16:47:48] <arjan> no, please don't :)
[16:47:51] <arjan> no odbc
[16:47:58] <Protagores> thanks :P
[16:48:12] <arjan> maas.maarten.zeeman is working on abstracting db support
[16:48:18] <arjan> initially for sqlite
[16:48:46] <Protagores> what about riak? :P
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[16:49:43] <arjan> no plans yet
[16:49:58] <arjan> it is too different, we use SQL a lot
[16:50:11] <arjan> in templates you can also do adhoc queries, sorting, etc
[16:50:14] <arjan> try that with riak... :-/
[16:50:37] <arjan> riaks 2i support is not very efficient
[16:51:03] <arjan> maybe we'll look into supporting yokozuna with riak
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[17:13:15] <Protagores> in priv/config: is setting {listen_ip, ""} ok?
[17:13:44] <arjan> yes
[17:14:50] <Protagores> well then, how to put it into autorun from non-root account?
[17:15:24] <Protagores> I mean, starting it at server init
[17:15:47] <arjan> http://zotonic.com/docs/manuals/deployment/startup.html
[17:20:46] <Protagores> > # Required-Start: $postgres ...
but in /etc/init.d/postgresql it is:
> # Provides: postgresql
[17:21:05] <Protagores> is it a typo?
[17:21:53] <arjan> yep
[17:22:01] <arjan> good catch :)
[17:22:08] <arjan> I'll correct it right away
[17:26:52] <arjan> fixed :)
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[18:05:29] <Protagores> is "gzip off;" line in nginx config necessary?
[18:17:59] <Protagores> well, and how to make an alias NOT return a 302, but give just the same content as for default name?
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[18:31:49] <arjan> Protagores: zotonic does its own gzip encoding
[18:32:03] <arjan> so nginx does not need to do it
[18:33:35] <Protagores> http://code.google.com/p/zotonic/source/browse/doc/INSTALL.nginx
what about specifying all those timeouts and buffer sizes?
[18:34:45] <arjan> about your 302 question: http://zotonic.com/docs/manuals/site-anatomy.html
[18:34:52] <arjan> "redirect" option in site config, set it to false
[18:38:50] <Protagores> nice... I asked that because I am applying root domain as hostname which resolves to old servers, and "beta" is an alias which will resolve properly in about... well, when that setup takes effect, soon
[18:41:33] <arjan> ah yes
[18:47:58] <Protagores> well, are those exact numeric values in config necessary or important?
[18:49:40] <arjan> which ones??
[18:50:02] <Protagores> keepalive_timeout for example
[18:50:09] <arjan> oh in nginx
[18:50:22] <Protagores> yeah, and others there
[18:50:40] <arjan> I'm not sure
[18:50:49] <arjan> I think you can leave them out
[18:50:50] <Protagores> and that location /close-connection?
[18:51:16] <Protagores> does that have something to do with zotonic internals (e.g. ajax requests)?
[18:51:59] <arjan> that has to do with https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/jquery-dev/NjlberUQ3V0
[18:52:04] <arjan> file uploads
[18:52:16] <arjan> although that post is quite old
[18:52:18] <arjan> better keep it though
[18:52:30] <arjan> bbl
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[19:13:58] <Protagores> root@hostname:~# update-rc.d zotonic defaults
update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing
root@hostname:~# ls /etc/rc2.d/
... S16zotonic ... S17postgresql ...
[19:14:02] <Protagores> what the?
[19:14:39] <Protagores> it should be put *after* postgresql, not *before*
[19:26:07] <arjan> huh..
[19:29:11] <Protagores> probably a bug in sysv-rc package
[19:30:08] <Protagores> need to be sure to fill a bug report
[19:34:46] <arjan> no,
[19:34:54] <arjan> $postgresql needs to be just postgresql
[19:34:56] <arjan> without the $
[19:35:13] <Protagores> lol
[19:35:18] <Protagores> xD
[19:35:26] <arjan> I'll adjust the example
[19:35:36] <arjan> oh, *and* the debian package ;)
[19:35:51] <Protagores> not sysv-rc I hope xD
[19:36:08] <arjan> :P
[19:36:09] <Protagores> btw where is repo?
[19:36:09] <Protagores> ppa only?
[19:36:17] <arjan> yes
[19:36:47] <arjan> http://zotonic.com/docs/tutorials/install.html?highlight=debian#tutorial-install-deb
[19:37:19] <arjan> ah was already fixed in debian package I see
[19:37:26] <Protagores> lol
[19:37:49] <arjan> we're spending more time on documentation lately
[19:37:57] <arjan> :)
[19:45:06] <Protagores> when I go to /, nginx says "502 Bad Gateway"
[19:46:07] <Protagores> I have added a page with default path there
[19:48:03] <arjan> try starting zotonic with "zotonic debug"
[19:48:08] <arjan> then you see the error msg printed
[19:48:17] <arjan> alternatively look in zotonic/priv/sasl for the error msg
[19:53:54] <Protagores> 22:53:22.644 [info] [lpi] warning @ m_rsc:637 Failed to get page url path. Is the `page' dispatch rule missing?
22:53:22.644 [error] CRASH REPORT Process <0.421.0> with 0 neighbours crashed with reason: bad argument in {erlang,binary_to_list,[undefined],[]}
[19:54:23] <arjan> weird crash
[19:54:29] <arjan> have a stack trace?
[19:54:34] <Protagores> where?
[19:54:50] <arjan> next to the crash report?
[19:55:14] <Protagores> in debug? nope
[19:55:33] <arjan> huh..
[19:56:23] <arjan> you made a page with '/' page path?
[19:56:52] <arjan> try either:
[19:56:59] <arjan> 1) enable mod_base_site module
[19:57:00] <arjan> or:
[19:57:05] <arjan> 2) add dispatch rule:
[19:57:11] <arjan> {page, ["page", id, slug], controller_page, [ {template, {cat, "page.tpl"}} ]},
[19:57:21] <Protagores> when I try delete, it throws some weird things
[19:57:44] <Protagores> where to paste stuff?
[19:58:52] <arjan> in your dispatch file
[19:58:58] <arjan> in the site, dispatch/dispatch
[19:59:17] <Protagores> I mean, to show you that huge error message
[19:59:47] <Protagores> and in edit mode in browser, it says "FAIL: error"
[20:00:06] <arjan> oh,
[20:00:08] <arjan> pastebin?
[20:01:17] <Protagores> http://pastebin.com/uy1zY2uM
[20:01:45] <Protagores> that's when I try delete
[20:01:59] <Protagores> this applies to non-root pages as well
[20:09:06] <arjan> ok
[20:09:09] <arjan> that is a bug indeed
[20:09:28] <arjan> I'll check it
[20:10:36] <arjan> that rsc_gone feature is only a few days old
[20:12:58] <arjan> yes that is indeed an error, and a very stupid one at that :)
[20:14:43] <Protagores> btw mod_base_site is on
[20:14:57] <Protagores> well, when is it fixed?
[20:15:11] <arjan> almost
[20:15:36] <Protagores> so, how to make a *proper* home page then? :P
[20:16:32] <arjan> if mod_base_site is enabled it should work
[20:16:48] <arjan> still get the error?
[20:17:10] <Protagores> wait
[20:18:05] <Protagores> and are enabled modules remembered when zotonic is restarted?
[20:18:21] <Protagores> I enabled it in shell btw
[20:19:17] <Protagores> when you have fixed, please notify me :)
[20:19:52] <arjan> modules are indeed remembered
[20:20:00] <arjan> writing commit message..
[20:21:10] <arjan> done
[20:21:21] <arjan> after updating you can delete stuff again :P
[20:27:48] <Protagores> still
[20:30:12] <arjan> same error?
[20:30:16] <arjan> double check that you updated
[20:30:54] <Protagores> http://pastebin.com/FP6fb1Pm
[20:31:06] <Protagores> yes, I ran bin/zotonic update
[20:31:31] <arjan> first do git pull
[20:32:10] <Protagores> with zotonic running?
[20:32:26] <arjan> yup
[20:32:33] <arjan> git pull; zotonic update
[20:34:17] <Protagores> wow
[20:34:22] <Protagores> that did it :P
[20:34:29] <arjan> :)
[20:34:53] <arjan> sometimes a minor change causes breakdown of something big :P
[20:34:54] <arjan> https://github.com/zotonic/zotonic/commit/338cc0ea823866502a7e92cc58323c4e57b30b18
[20:34:58] <arjan> was the fix
[20:37:12] <Protagores> which category to use for home page?
[20:37:35] <arjan> that should not matter
[20:37:49] <arjan> depends on how you want your site to look, etc
[20:37:59] <Protagores> may I use UTF-8 characters in page title? :P
[20:38:00] <arjan> categories are mostly used to decide which templates to show
[20:38:04] <arjan> Yeah think so
[20:38:27] <arjan> we even have arabic sites on zotonic
[20:38:33] <arjan> rtl
[20:38:43] <Protagores> Location/Website is for what?
[20:39:26] <arjan> maybe some pages need gps location or address
[20:39:44] <arjan> the admin is very generic -- so some fields do not make sense in some categories
[20:40:13] <arjan> you can just ignore the things you dont use :)
[20:40:27] <arjan> only page_path and the unique name fields are "magic" fields
[20:40:40] <Protagores> Do I need to enable "Published" checkbox for / ?
[20:40:48] <arjan> yes :)
[20:41:00] <arjan> otherwise you can only see / when logged in
[20:41:29] <Protagores> which unique name to use?
[20:41:47] <arjan> it is not a required field
[20:41:56] <arjan> though I usally call it 'page_home'
[20:42:24] <arjan> with unique names you can get the properties of the page without knowing the id
[20:42:36] <arjan> {{ m.rsc.page_home.title }}
[20:42:50] <arjan> anyhow i'm signing off for the night :)
[20:42:56] <arjan> good you got it working and thanks for the bugreports,
[20:42:57] <arjan> cu later
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