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[09:54:27] <arjan> morning
[09:54:38] <arjan> I finally put the chat logs online
[09:54:39] <arjan> http://zotonic.com/chatlogs/
[09:54:54] <arjan> so beware what you shout in this room, google will remember it forever :p
[09:55:31] <andreas.stenius> yay! :p
[09:57:25] <andreas.stenius> quote of the day:
[09:57:27] <andreas.stenius> [14:24:52] kaos feels the deafening silence in here... :p
[14:26:25] <arjan> that's the sound of hard-working programmers ;)
[09:59:23] <arjan> heheh
[09:59:49] <andreas.stenius> seriously, being able to grep these logs is awesome when I can remember chatting about some issue etc..
[09:59:50] <arjan> one of the first utterings
[09:59:56] <andreas.stenius> yep
[10:00:25] <arjan> I've linked to them from here: http://zotonic.com/support
[10:01:12] <andreas.stenius> I guess it's your static file listings controller serving those file listings... ?
[10:02:09] <andreas.stenius> lol! "for historical reasons..." :p
[10:03:08] <andreas.stenius> btw, I'd like to have a bridge to irc, so you can join the chat from an irc client too....
[10:03:15] <arjan> heh
[10:03:22] <arjan> yeah Ive been thinking about irc
[10:03:33] <arjan> it still seems like a more accessible medium
[10:04:04] <arjan> for developers
[10:04:23] <arjan> XMPP MUC is still a pretty unknown feature
[10:04:37] <andreas.stenius> there's quite a number of non-tech irc users too...
[10:04:41] <arjan> plus has bad client support
[10:05:57] <arjan> I see you added a manuals section
[10:05:58] <andreas.stenius> lol - logs in realtime: http://zotonic.com/chatlogs/2012/10/31.html#10:04:41 :D
[10:06:13] <andreas.stenius> artifact of splitting out the in-depth manuals...
[10:06:34] <andreas.stenius> might still need to shuffle it around a bit if it added one level to much
[10:06:45] <arjan> was going to say that
[10:07:11] <andreas.stenius> it was getting late, and I wanted to push it... :p
[10:07:25] <arjan> heh
[10:07:46] <arjan> what's your opinion about the state of the docs?
[10:07:49] <andreas.stenius> I had some issue getting the dispatch table per module into the module doc
[10:07:50] <arjan> ready for prime time?
[10:08:12] <andreas.stenius> certianly getting closer
[10:08:28] <andreas.stenius> I'll have a quick glance over to see how I feel..
[10:08:54] <arjan> "anatomy of a site" is not much of a tutorial
[10:09:04] <arjan> I'll move that
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[10:10:19] <arjan> and will fix the extra level
[10:10:38] <andreas.stenius> k
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[10:12:00] <andreas.stenius> how long is the cache of the docs pages supposed to be? I still had an old version served from yesterday now, hitting refresh got a new correct one, but still....
[10:14:04] <andreas.stenius> the installation troubleshooting seems rather sparse, but not a show stopper.... (reading on)
[10:14:38] <arjan> ok
[10:14:44] <arjan> the caching might be our varnish frontend
[10:15:05] <andreas.stenius> oh, I thought it was in my browser... why else would a refresh help?
[10:15:48] <andreas.stenius> unless that adds a no cache header thingy (caching is not my strong point)
[10:18:10] <arjan> varnish might return a 301 not modified
[10:18:29] <andreas.stenius> ah
[10:18:38] <andreas.stenius> btw, where's the support page in the new docs?
[10:18:54] <arjan> removing the blocks manual, re-added as a section within datamodel manual
[10:19:03] <arjan> support will stay the way it is
[10:19:13] <arjan> just everything under /documentation will be gone
[10:19:17] <arjan> replaced by /docs
[10:19:27] <andreas.stenius> oh, right
[10:19:33] <arjan> I'm not replacing the entire site... :p
[10:19:48] <andreas.stenius> no, I'm wasn't paying attention to the url :p
[10:20:01] <arjan> hehe
[10:20:19] <arjan> some manuals still have lorem ipsum :-/
[10:20:39] <andreas.stenius> I noticed that the chatlogs has a link to join the MUC, rather handy
[10:20:49] <andreas.stenius> xmpp:zotonic@conference.zotonic.com?join
[10:21:07] <andreas.stenius> could add that to the support page as well, to ease joining...
[10:22:02] <andreas.stenius> also, don't render todo's for the online docs. that could be left for individual use
[10:22:53] <arjan> on chrome that redirects to http://conference.zotonic.com/?join
[10:22:58] <andreas.stenius> simply comment the todo_include_todos in the conf.py file
[10:23:19] <andreas.stenius> not for me, it asks if it should run pidgin on that url
[10:23:24] <arjan> oh nivr
[10:23:26] <arjan> * nice
[10:27:07] <andreas.stenius> typo in http://zotonic.com/docs/manuals/upgrading.html#removed-filters "its own reps/z_logger repo ..."
[10:28:13] <andreas.stenius> same page "The m_group` model " (no, I'm not reading it all, I just spot a few things as I skim the page, so there may be other minor issues I'm missing...)
[10:31:32] <andreas.stenius> hmmm... we need to rebuild all docs when rearranging... not just the changed files. As the Maintainance is still lingering for the in-depth section, although that is gone now on a clean build
[10:32:08] <andreas.stenius> btw, arjan, is sed found in /usr/bin on miffy?
[10:32:17] <arjan> hmm
[10:32:20] <arjan> yes
[10:32:24] <andreas.stenius> ok, good.
[10:32:35] <arjan> can't we rely on $PATH?
[10:33:02] <andreas.stenius> the .get_tags script didn't work with the /usr/bin/evn sed -f on my system. Reading up on env, it doesn't port well adding extra args to it...
[10:33:24] <andreas.stenius> uhm.... yeah, good question.
[10:34:22] <andreas.stenius> SyntaxThe form of a shebang interpreter directive <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpreter_directive> is as follows:[8] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shebang_(Unix)#cite_note-linux-7>#!interpreter [optional-arg]The interpreter must usually be an absolute path <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absolute_path> to a program that is not itself a script. 
[10:35:03] <andreas.stenius> not sure why it usually has to be an absolute path, but that is the way it almost always is....
[10:35:55] <andreas.stenius> maybe to avoid having a user run into trouble by having another file by the same name in the current dir, or something similarly stupid?
[10:36:12] <andreas.stenius> (and a . in the PATH...)
[10:38:24] <andreas.stenius> hmm, and under Portability (on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shebang_(Unix) ) it says that it has to be absolute paths... ok, this is not a normative reference, but it ought to hold some validity...
[10:39:53] <arjan> hmm
[10:39:58] <arjan> ok well
[10:41:41] <arjan> pushed some doc fixes
[10:41:50] <arjan> now I need to get back to real work...
[10:41:55] <arjan> zotonic is too much fun :-/
[10:47:10] <andreas.stenius> this hints on the #! requiring a abs path: Furthermore, on systems that support executable scripts (the "#!" construct), it is recommended that applications using executable scripts install them using getconf <http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/utilities/getconf.html> -v to determine the shell pathname and update the "#!" script appropriately as it is being installed (for example, with sed <http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/utilities/sed.html>). For example:
[10:47:39] <andreas.stenius> from http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/utilities/sh.html
[10:48:43] <arjan> interesting
[10:48:49] <arjan> I updated the zotonic status manual a bit
[10:48:49] <arjan> http://zotonic.com/docs/tutorials/zotonic_status.html
[10:49:02] <andreas.stenius> nice :)
[10:49:18] <arjan> I also think that password should move to priv/sites/zotonic_status/config
[10:51:19] <andreas.stenius> miffy needs to rebuild the whole in-depth section to get rid of the maintainance menu trail... (see http://zotonic.com/docs/manuals/modules/index.html )
[10:55:09] <andreas.stenius> this also adress the #! issue: http://www.opengroup.org/platform/resolutions/bwg2000-004.html
[10:55:44] <arjan> hey thats strange
[10:55:47] <arjan> it does a make clean html
[10:55:49] <arjan> iirc
[10:56:06] <arjan> oh wait, it doesn't
[10:56:14] <andreas.stenius> heh
[10:56:22] <arjan> make clean stubs html
[10:56:49] <arjan> hm
[10:56:56] <arjan> make stubs
export ZOTONIC_SRC=.. ; for f in `find ref -name .generate`; do $f || exit 1; done
make: *** [stubs] Error 1
[10:57:01] <andreas.stenius> bug in sphinx that it doesn't recognize when the structure affects untouched docs...
[10:57:28] <andreas.stenius> uh...
[10:58:04] <andreas.stenius> do $$f should it be...
[10:58:43] <andreas.stenius> did you loose a $ on the way...?
[10:59:13] <arjan> dont know
[11:00:08] <andreas.stenius> ok, well, I should really get going with my other work too....
[11:02:03] <arjan> k
[11:06:28] <andreas.stenius> but to sum it up. I think the docs are really close to ready for prime time. A few lorem ipsum, as you spotted, to either be hidden for the time being, or at least briefly filled in.
[11:06:58] <andreas.stenius> from there it'll be a lot of work still, to fill in all the missing pieces...
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[16:47:08] <Ilya Rezvov> http://pastebin.com/sfrhUxZ2
[16:47:18] <Ilya Rezvov> 20:10:47.602 [info] Application zotonic exited with reason: shutdown
[16:47:25] <Ilya Rezvov> cool info :)
[16:47:32] <Ilya Rezvov> i do nothing
[16:49:12] <andreas.stenius> yeah, crash logs can be a bit overwhelming... it usually is a sensible error in the beginning that escalates :p
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[22:13:15] <arjan> I suspect that .erl files are not scanned for translation labels
[22:13:46] <arjan> or at least, they dont end up in the .pot file
[22:19:46] <arjan> mhmm strange, some actually do, some don't
[22:30:25] <arjan> ah wait
[22:30:30] <arjan> it skips records
[22:33:47] <arjan> fixed
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[22:49:43] <Marc Worrell> arjan: some erl files can't be compiled by the translation module due to missing include paths
[22:49:48] <Marc Worrell> we should fix that
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