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[13:14:31] <arjan> http://zotonic.com/docs/
[13:14:33] <arjan> webhook is in place
[13:14:48] <arjan> e.g. every push to zotonic rebuilds the doc
[13:15:08] <andreas.stenius> yay! way to go Arjan :)
[13:15:34] <arjan> :D
[13:15:57] <arjan> if youre interested in what it does, its here:
[13:15:58] <arjan> https://github.com/zotonic/zotonicwww/tree/master/modules/mod_zotonicdocs
[13:17:58] <andreas.stenius> I see it's slightly different in size... ?
[13:18:09] <andreas.stenius> fonts and stuff...
[13:18:50] <arjan> is it?
[13:19:02] <arjan> maybe you have a different sphinx version?
[13:19:15] <arjan> the ones generated on my machine look the same as the ones on zotonic.com
[13:19:16] <andreas.stenius> hmm... weird. 2 x <ctrl>- and it's the same
[13:19:37] <andreas.stenius> same sphinx...
[13:19:51] <andreas.stenius> and if you compare yours to those on kaos.github.com/zotonic ?
[13:20:04] <arjan> yes also identical
[13:20:25] <andreas.stenius> double weird.. any way. I was just curious as to how that came to be...
[13:20:36] <arjan> strange
[13:20:51] <arjan> now only filling all the blanks in the documentation :D
[13:21:11] <andreas.stenius> yup ;-D
[13:21:27] <andreas.stenius> and that's quite some... ;)
[13:21:59] <arjan> uhu
[13:21:59] <andreas.stenius> I've been focusing on moving existing content over from the old docs...
[13:22:24] <andreas.stenius> haven't spent any time checking it for validity, though... :/
[13:29:03] <andreas.stenius> arjan: missing a call to make stubs...
[13:29:26] <andreas.stenius> e.g. http://zotonic.com/docs/ref/actions/index.html is empty...
[13:30:42] <arjan> oh maybe I should also generate the stubs!
[13:30:51] <arjan> make stubs html
[13:30:54] <arjan> instead of just make html
[13:31:01] <andreas.stenius> yeah ;)
[13:34:23] <arjan> make stubs takes long...
[13:34:51] <andreas.stenius> that's why I don't want it to run unconditionally on make html...
[13:35:11] <andreas.stenius> maybe there's a faster way to get them, too... ?
[13:37:52] <arjan> I dont really mind actually
[13:37:55] <arjan> just noticed it
[13:39:50] <andreas.stenius> doesn't matter much for the webhook usage. It's when you run it locally that it shouldn't spend to much time with non-sense..
[13:39:57] <arjan> indeed
[13:41:36] <arjan> maybe it's an idea to rename scomps to tags
[13:41:44] <arjan> so that you have builtin tags, and custom tags
[13:41:49] <arjan> custom tags == scomps
[13:42:12] <andreas.stenius> I rather like that idea :)
[13:42:33] <arjan> see what Marc Worrell says
[13:42:35] <andreas.stenius> at least documentation wise
[13:42:37] <arjan> scomps are his babies
[13:42:39] <arjan> yeah indeed
[13:43:21] <andreas.stenius> since there's already custom tags for the template engine (in priv/custom_tags or some such)
[13:43:31] <Marc Worrell> actually scomps are the babies of Thomas Velthoven :p
[13:44:04] <Marc Worrell> i have been playing with the idea of merging scomps and tags
[13:44:12] <andreas.stenius> who ever that is ? :p
[13:44:19] <Marc Worrell> and allowing Erlang of DTL implementation of those
[13:44:41] <Marc Worrell> Thomas is a friend of mine, he is now working as Escenic in Norway.
[13:44:44] <Marc Worrell> at
[13:44:54] <andreas.stenius> ah :)
[13:54:37] <arjan> for now I would say we rename them in the documentation
[13:55:00] <arjan> and for the 1.0 rename them in the code base (+ the DTL change maybe)
[13:55:01] <arjan> do you agree with the name change, marc?
[13:55:12] <arjan> or are you emotionally attached to the name "scomp"
[13:55:13] <arjan> :P
[14:08:20] <Ilya Rezvov> "scomp" is very smooth term
[14:09:37] <Marc Worrell> in the long run it is easier to overload the custom tags
[14:09:52] <Marc Worrell> as long we can use both templates and erlang code modules.
[14:10:26] <Marc Worrell> I agree with Ilya though, "scomp" is a nice word :p
[14:11:53] <andreas.stenius> I had some trouble getting my head around scomps in the beginning... when everything was new territory, it added to the confusion for a while.. :p
[14:13:46] <arjan> indeed
[14:13:58] <arjan> while everybody knows what template tags are
[14:14:21] <arjan> https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/howto/custom-template-tags/
[14:15:45] <Marc Worrell> that is why I agree with the rename.
[14:15:52] <arjan> http://www.chicagoboss.org/api-view.html
[14:15:59] <arjan> ok :)
[14:18:15] <Marc Worrell> so, make a directory "tags" and we are up & running. Interface can be the same as with scomps.
[14:18:59] <arjan> https://github.com/zotonic/zotonic/issues/425
[14:20:35] <arjan> whoops, have to run
[14:20:42] <arjan> meeting is an hour earlier than i expected
[14:20:42] <arjan> latrs
[14:20:48] <andreas.stenius> cya
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[15:50:54] <andreas.stenius> short meeting.. ?
[15:51:17] <arjan> where?
[15:51:22] <arjan> no im still in a meeting
[15:51:27] <andreas.stenius> aha
[15:51:36] <arjan> chatting while meeting :)
[15:51:43] <andreas.stenius> naughty
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[20:15:43] <arjan> hi bas
[20:15:44] <arjan> bye bas
[20:15:45] <arjan> :P
[20:15:52] <arjan> this meta doc is also handy for us: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.4/internals/contributing/writing-documentation/
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[20:25:19] <basvanrijen> bas again
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[20:32:00] <Marc Worrell> hei baske!
[20:32:22] <basvanrijen> aloha
[20:32:37] <basvanrijen> just released another (small) zotonic site :)
[20:33:00] <basvanrijen> http://www.thecoachingroom.nl/
[20:33:16] <basvanrijen> so here to go if someone need a good coach
[20:34:14] <Marc Worrell> You are doing a site a day, it seems :p
[20:34:39] <basvanrijen> here it stops for now
[20:34:46] <basvanrijen> but who knows
[20:34:49] <basvanrijen> works great
[20:35:16] <Marc Worrell> :p
[20:40:04] <Marc Worrell> zo, https://twitter.com/zotonic/status/250665910468218880
[20:40:17] <basvanrijen> ik zag 'm ja
[20:40:33] <Marc Worrell> betje reclame op z'n tijd
[20:40:43] <basvanrijen> idd
[20:40:47] <basvanrijen> maar word eens tijd da'k eens wat ga doen met twitter
[20:40:57] <basvanrijen> blijkt iets groots te zijn :)
[20:40:58] <Marc Worrell> always good to show that there are sites being made
[20:41:20] <basvanrijen> any idea how many there running world wide
[20:41:24] <Marc Worrell> Twitter…. hmmm, those people with their business model and capped APIs
[20:41:34] <basvanrijen> indee :)
[20:41:37] <Marc Worrell> no idea, actually
[20:45:39] <arjan> basvanrijen: nice site
[20:46:01] <basvanrijen> thanks
[20:46:26] <basvanrijen> btw yesterday i was trying to add a pdf to an article with a download link.
[20:46:33] <basvanrijen> Which worked fine by following https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!searchin/zotonic-users/pdf/zotonic-users/-g_G1mcPKNY/COUNgw9yD48J
[20:46:55] <basvanrijen> except i couldn't manage to use icons
[20:47:35] <basvanrijen> i added lossless to the media tag but the linked icon couldn't be found
[20:47:43] <arjan> hmm
[20:50:27] <basvanrijen> the produced url is: /image/lib/images/mimeicons/application-octet-stream.png%28582x%29%28lossless%29%286D375660A74B111B0F2F632B1918DE0A%29.png
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[20:54:10] <arjan> bas, make up your mind!
[20:54:29] <andreas.stenius> lol
[20:54:51] <arjan> im moving the changelogs over now, btw
[20:54:57] <arjan> almost done
[20:55:00] <andreas.stenius> nice
[20:55:32] <andreas.stenius> I'm looking at moving the Edit link stuff onto the sidebar, so it exists for all pages (no need to have them in the .rst files then)
[20:56:04] <Marc Worrell> @basvanrijen are you sure it is a valid pdf you uploaded?
[21:01:09] <arjan> andreas.stenius: that would be nice
[21:01:14] <arjan> it indeed pollutes the rst files a bit
[21:01:27] <arjan> I did "make man"
[21:01:36] <arjan> and the edit links were also in the manpage :P
[21:01:37] <arjan> anyhow
[21:01:40] <arjan> having dinner
[21:01:41] <arjan> brb
[21:01:48] <andreas.stenius> doh :p
[21:01:56] <andreas.stenius> k, see you..
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[22:46:28] <basvanrijen> @marc, yep it's a valid pdf. They are end up as .bin files in the admin
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[23:16:13] <Marc Worrell> @basvanrijen when they end up as .bin then they are not recognized as pdf. Is it on miffy?
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