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[08:32:20] <Protagores> Hi there.
[08:40:19] <Protagores> In src/scripts/helpers/zotonic_setup, line 45:
[08:40:36] <Protagores> Is that really necessary?
[08:42:09] <arjan> hi
[08:43:22] <arjan> because we're running erlang with -name, the hostname has to be a FQDN
[08:44:23] <arjan> it is just a default
[08:44:35] <arjan> you can override it by setting the HOSTNAME environment var before starting zotonic
[08:45:12] <Protagores> Well, if my debian laptop has hostname "lamed", and "lamed.local" doesn't resolve?
[08:45:42] <Protagores> And there are problems with avahi when I try to add .local domain
[08:47:10] <arjan> hmm
[08:47:25] <arjan> well I know that on ubuntu they add <hostname>.local to the /etc/hosts
[08:47:37] <arjan> I dont know about another good default
[08:49:00] <Protagores> What about avahi?
[09:05:47] <Protagores> Well, I changed avahi's internal domain to avahi.local, restarted it and did as you said. Now I added a localhost site, it says "Now go to http://localhost:8000/ to view it."
[09:06:13] <arjan> okay
[09:06:16] <arjan> fyi,
[09:06:25] <Protagores> When I try to open it, nothing happens, even the starting page doesn't open
[09:06:27] <arjan> the $HOSTNAME stuff has nothing to do with the actual domain names that websites are running on
[09:06:46] <Protagores> I know, rather
[09:07:13] <Protagores> I'm running Zotonic on my local machine just of testing purposes for now.
[09:07:21] <arjan> k
[09:07:21] <arjan> did you start zotonic in debug mode?
[09:07:25] <Protagores> no
[09:07:32] <Protagores> bin/zotonic start
[09:07:47] <arjan> ok then probably there are some messages in the logs
[09:07:55] <arjan> if you stop zotonic and start it again with debug
[09:07:57] <Protagores> k, let me look
[09:08:02] <arjan> bin/zotonic stop; bin/zotonic debug
[09:08:11] <arjan> then zotonic runs in the foregrounde
[09:08:21] <arjan> makes it easier to see the messages
[09:09:09] <Protagores> > 11:08:14.411 [info] listening on {0,0,0,0}:2525 via tcp
why 2525?
[09:10:38] <arjan> that's the smtp server part
[09:10:57] <Protagores> ok, ok
[09:11:04] <Protagores> To manage the sites on this server, please enter the main admin password.
The password does not match. Please retry.
[09:11:10] <Protagores> What now?
[09:12:29] <Protagores> and there ain't all that much messages
[09:12:43] <arjan> ok
[09:12:53] <arjan> the site you're probably seeing is the management site
[09:12:57] <arjan> which requires another password
[09:13:05] <Protagores> huh?
[09:13:39] <arjan> its the "fallback" site
[09:13:48] <arjan> for some reason youre seeing that one instead of your localhost one
[09:14:03] <arjan> the password for the mgmt site is generated; its in priv/config
[09:15:22] <Protagores> What now?
[09:15:46] <Protagores> Site: http://localhost:8000/ Status: Running
[09:15:55] <arjan> okay..
[09:16:08] <arjan> is the address in your address bar also localhost:8000 now?
[09:16:18] <arjan> because if it is, than you might have encountered a bug
[09:16:36] <Protagores> it is
[09:16:41] <arjan> ppl usually dont name their site 'localhost'
[09:16:53] <Protagores> Zotonic is from git anyway
[09:17:18] <Protagores> well, I guess I'll try with another named "lamed.local" :P
[09:17:19] <arjan> the site name should be a generic name to identify your site, not a domain name
[09:17:21] <arjan> hehe
[09:17:33] <arjan> or just "myfirstsite"
[09:17:33] <Protagores> if that
[09:17:45] <arjan> it cannot contain dots
[09:17:49] <Protagores> how does it resolve HTTP Host: field?
[09:17:59] <arjan> its in the site's config file
[09:18:06] <Protagores> kthx
[09:18:14] <Protagores> me such noob :P
[09:18:20] <arjan> :)
[09:18:24] <arjan> np
[09:18:35] <arjan> we're working on improving the documentation, actually
[09:18:44] <arjan> stuff like this should be properly explained
[09:19:11] <Protagores> % Hostname on which this site runs
{hostname, "localhost:8000"},
[09:19:30] <Protagores> perhaps it should be just "localhost"?
[09:20:09] <arjan> no because does not listen on port 80
[09:20:25] <arjan> I will see if I can reproduce it by adding a site named 'localhost'
[09:22:18] <Protagores> also, can I backend Zotonic to already running nginx?
[09:22:26] <Protagores> preferrable via FastCGI
[09:23:03] <arjan> yes thats pretty easy actually
[09:23:10] <arjan> not via fastcgi but with a proxy
[09:23:33] <arjan> see doc/INSTALL.nginx
[09:25:10] <Protagores> so fastcgi is not an option?
[09:26:02] <arjan> no
[09:26:05] <arjan> because zotonic works differently
[09:26:14] <arjan> it is actually its own webserver, with its own processes etc.
[09:26:24] <arjan> so it does not need fastcgi
[09:32:26] <arjan> but you found a bug indeed
[09:43:38] <Protagores> have you reproduced?
[09:43:59] <arjan> yup
[09:44:03] <arjan> and fixing it right now
[09:44:27] <Protagores> which webserver, webmachine or mochiweb?
[09:45:58] <arjan> mochiweb is the webserver
[09:46:15] <arjan> webmachine is the "dispatcher"
[09:47:50] <Protagores> perhaps mochiweb can work in fastcgi mode
[09:49:00] <arjan> why would you want fastcgi?
[09:52:15] <Protagores> they say it preserves memory, especially for static content
[09:55:01] <arjan> zotonic is already pretty efficient, also for serving static content
[09:55:12] <arjan> but you can also let nginx serve static content directly
[09:55:38] <arjan> fastcgi is a wrapper for cgi-like programs like PHP
[09:55:47] <arjan> erlang works in a very different way
[09:56:06] <arjan> btw, https://github.com/zotonic/zotonic/issues/422
[09:56:11] <arjan> fixed
[09:57:53] <Protagores> kthx
[09:58:13] <Protagores> perhaps I'm just being brainwashed about CGI :P
[09:59:35] <arjan> just do a little benchmark serving a static file over fastcgi from PHP and one statically from zotonic :)
[09:59:59] <Protagores> yet another question: can I use separate installation of mochiweb (e.g. in /usr/lib) that listens to port 20?
[10:00:59] <arjan> yes, sure
[10:01:14] <arjan> zotonic includes mochiweb, does not rely on any external installations
[10:01:17] <Protagores> and has its own independent tree of processes?
[10:01:26] <arjan> yes
[10:01:36] <Protagores> *port 80 I mean
[10:01:40] <Protagores> lol
[10:01:45] <arjan> :P
[10:01:56] <arjan> got me thinking ;)
[10:02:20] <Protagores> and https on 443?
[10:02:37] <Protagores> with CA-signed cert? :P
[10:02:56] <arjan> yes
[10:03:06] <Protagores> cool
[10:08:17] <Protagores> also, I heard, team is going to support Riak soon as DB backend
[10:08:22] <Protagores> is it true?
[10:16:30] <Protagores> btw, 404 error
[10:21:11] <Protagores> and nothing in logs
[10:30:16] <arjan> and /admin?
[10:30:45] <Protagores> works
[10:30:48] <arjan> ok
[10:31:22] <arjan> in the current git master there is no good template for creating a new site
[10:31:43] <arjan> because our HTML framework changed so much
[10:31:51] <arjan> thats why you see the 404
[10:32:01] <arjan> but if you see the amin it means you got it running :)
[10:32:20] <arjan> if you want a fully functioning site you could download 0.8.1 or try the release-0.8.x git branch
[10:37:53] <Protagores> well, yet another thing I'm interested about:
[10:39:16] <Protagores> is there a possibility to upload a marked up article (e.g. in markdown), which will be converted to html shown on its page, and to downloadable ps/pdf?
[10:39:25] <Protagores> via modules
[10:40:28] <Protagores> also, included .eps files converted to svg for embedding into html (or to png if browser does not support svg)?
[10:42:02] <arjan> things like that are not included right now
[10:42:08] <arjan> but might be implemented in a module, indeed
[10:42:21] <arjan> pretty easy to create an API URL where you can post markdown
[10:42:23] <Protagores> so that is possible in current model?
[10:42:44] <arjan> and then it puts that on a page and simultaneously generates the pdf
[10:42:49] <Protagores> cool
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[10:46:07] <Protagores> also, is there a possibility for editing "visualised markdown", e.g. in editable div, that will be transformed into actual markdown in site's logic for intermediate processing, aimed for newbs and alike who cannot into markdown (I know, not a Zotonic question, but if you know, anyway :P)
[10:46:51] <arjan> yes sure, I mean, Zotonic is a framework
[10:47:15] <arjan> so once you know how stuff works you can build anything you want, right
[10:47:27] <arjan> like with almost any framework :)
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[12:17:40] <protagores> does Zotonic already rely on a javascript library such as jQuery/MooTools?
[12:21:31] <protagores> http://hallojs.org/demo/markdown/
[12:21:40] <protagores> quite interesting thing btw
[13:06:24] <arjan> yes we rely on jQuery for some things
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