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[08:58:28] <Ilya Rezvov> Marc Worrell: Lua not such popular
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[08:58:38] <Ilya Rezvov> and i don't know Lua
[08:59:04] <Ilya Rezvov> but erlv8 seems simple solution for me https://github.com/beamjs/erlv8/wiki/Modules
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[09:02:18] <andreas.stenius> I'd love to get a chance to get back to Lua... :)
[09:03:36] <andreas.stenius> arjan: do you know if I can configure the format for the timestamps in pidgin ?
[09:03:44] <Ilya Rezvov> did u use lua?
[09:03:48] <andreas.stenius> couldn't find it...
[09:03:51] <andreas.stenius> Yeah, lots.
[09:04:01] <andreas.stenius> but it was quite some time ago, now...
[09:04:30] <andreas.stenius> You can even find my name on a few bug reports for lua.. ;)
[09:04:57] <arjan> andreas.stenius: dont know....
[09:05:23] <Ilya Rezvov> andreas.stenius: cool, i encountered with lua only in WoW addons
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[09:50:26] <arjan> css/bootstrap.css |12264 ------------------------------------------
[09:50:27] <arjan> lol
[09:50:35] <arjan> oops wrong window
[09:59:54] <andreas.stenius> heh
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[10:28:51] <Marc Worrell> maybe you can use lua for nice extensions
[10:29:13] <Marc Worrell> (more user friendly than erlang, for most devs, i guess)
[11:19:28] <arjan> how do you guys like the admin change I commited yesterday?
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[11:20:08] <arjan> the grey areas around the admin main container
[11:20:44] <arjan> or didn't I push it
[11:20:45] <arjan> :
[11:20:50] <arjan> ah no, I did not
[11:21:26] <arjan> now I did
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[12:33:59] <arjan> andreas.stenius: really nice work on the docs!
[12:34:26] <arjan> only when I do make html, it does not generate the docs for the actions, etc
[12:35:18] <arjan> it says: /home/arjan/devel/zotonic/doc/ref/actions/index.rst:6: WARNING: toctree glob pattern u'action_*' didn't match any documents
[12:45:58] <arjan> oh .generate scripts are not being called
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[13:32:32] <andreas.stenius> arjan: make stubs first...
[13:32:54] <andreas.stenius> I haven't committed the stubs. Maybe we should... ?
[13:33:01] <arjan> after I ran the genrate scripts by hand it worked
[13:33:42] <andreas.stenius> oh.. did you set the ZOTONIC_SRC env too, then?
[13:33:48] <arjan> yes
[13:34:03] <andreas.stenius> ah, ok. There's a stubs target at the end of the makefile in the docs dir
[13:34:10] <andreas.stenius> that does that
[13:34:32] <arjan> ahh
[13:34:33] <arjan> ok
[13:34:40] <arjan> thought that was called automagically :p
[13:35:09] <andreas.stenius> nah, it doesn't change that often, and it's kind of slow...
[13:35:56] <andreas.stenius> I thought of doing that, but there was no single rule to add a dependency to to inject it, and didn't want to splutter the makefile with it...
[13:36:29] <andreas.stenius> we're only using html as of now, any way...
[13:37:08] <arjan> ok
[13:37:32] <arjan> it's fine
[13:37:50] <andreas.stenius> I like that we can link to the glossary from the docs... just use :term:`postback` to get a link to the postback glossary item.
[13:38:08] <andreas.stenius> labeled postback, natually
[13:38:26] <arjan> im pretty busy today but tomorrow ill setup zotonic.com webhook so that the docs are generated on push
[13:44:00] <andreas.stenius> nice :)
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[14:39:56] <andreas.stenius> tags, I missed tags!
[14:40:07] <andreas.stenius> how do I find all tags in the sources... ?
[14:41:29] <andreas.stenius> I found a z_meda_tag.erl file, which seem to implement a tag, but there doesn't seem to be a clear naming convetion or such to look for... how does erlydtl find it's tags?
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[14:50:40] <andreas.stenius> aha, most of the tags are from erlydtl_compiler.erl... hmm, tricky to generate stubs for them then...
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[14:57:21] <arjan> andreas.stenius: yes, I think that has to be done manually
[15:14:57] <Ilya Rezvov> arjan: Marc Worrell: can i use zotonic template for my site about zotonic on russian?
[15:19:55] <Marc Worrell> yes
[15:20:04] <Marc Worrell> you are welcom
[15:20:07] <Marc Worrell> e
[15:51:17] <Ilya Rezvov> http://zotonic.info/
[15:51:19] <Ilya Rezvov> :)
[16:30:45] <arjan> cool
[16:31:00] <arjan> I dont know if the zotonicwww site is yet 0.9 compatible
[16:31:05] <arjan> https://github.com/zotonic/zotonicwww
[16:31:11] <arjan> will need to fix that actually
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[20:25:25] <andreas.stenius> ah, another reason for not running make stubs every time, is that all the stubs are then touched, and sphinx regenerates a lot of docs, which takes even more time...
[20:32:02] <andreas.stenius> Marc Worrell: http://kaos.github.com/zotonic/ref/dispatch/all.html
[20:32:21] <andreas.stenius> OK, not by prio yet... :}
[20:45:50] <Marc Worrell> :-)
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[20:55:44] <Marc Worrell> Great overview!
[20:57:16] <Marc Worrell> hmmm, i named my dispatch file for backup 'backup'
[20:57:29] <Marc Worrell> maybe you can include all files in the dispatch directories?
[20:57:40] <Marc Worrell> that is how the dispatcher collects them
[20:58:03] <andreas.stenius> it does, already
[20:58:15] <andreas.stenius> look and see that not all files are named only dispatch
[20:58:27] <andreas.stenius> translation, I think, calls it dispatch_translation
[20:58:41] <Marc Worrell> oh, then it skipped mod_backup
[20:58:53] <andreas.stenius> huh...
[20:58:59] <andreas.stenius> ok, I'll check...
[20:59:35] <Marc Worrell> or maybe we need some minor editing in that dispatch file - change as you feel
[21:00:17] <andreas.stenius> ah, no, you're right. It has to have the word 'dispatch' in the file name... bah
[21:00:32] <andreas.stenius> I'll see if I can't come up with something better... ;p
[21:00:38] <Marc Worrell> you can rename it, if it is really needed
[21:00:43] <Marc Worrell> then we just document it
[21:01:18] <andreas.stenius> it's the way find works... I look for files with a certiain pattern in all directories
[21:02:15] <andreas.stenius> could instead look for all dispatch dirs, and then fetch all files from that in a second step.
[21:02:32] <Marc Worrell> yuck
[21:02:34] <andreas.stenius> that feels better than to impose new restrictions
[21:02:41] <Marc Worrell> that is true
[21:03:08] <andreas.stenius> working on a fix....
[21:06:55] <andreas.stenius> aha, found three dispatch files that was missed earlier...
[21:07:01] <andreas.stenius> kaos@morpheus:~/zotonic/doc$ export ZOTONIC_SRC=.. ; ./ref/dispatch/.generate
New stub: ./ref/dispatch/doc-mod_backup-backup.rst
New stub: ./ref/dispatch/doc-mod_development-development.rst
New stub: ./ref/dispatch/doc-mod_survey-survey.rst
[21:09:24] <andreas.stenius> pushed and done.
[21:09:50] <Marc Worrell> yeah!
[21:10:05] <Marc Worrell> you are super fast :)
[21:12:26] <andreas.stenius> :) pushed to my gh-pages too... usually takes a minute or two before github has propagated it, and then the browser cache usually hides it still...
[21:13:15] <andreas.stenius> I can see it now :)
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