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[12:48:35] <Marc Worrell> @Ilya, actually the language code is optional. When there is no language code in the url then the normal dispatch rules mechanism is followed. So all old urls (without language code) still work.
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[12:49:12] <Marc Worrell> And the language code must be a known iso code from the iso639 list which is hard coded in zotonic.
[12:49:53] <Ilya Rezvov> ok, thx
[12:49:55] <Marc Worrell> (which makes for an interesting match for eg, Indonesian, which's code is 'id': http://example.com/id/id/123
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[21:18:05] <Ilya Rezvov> how add admin rights for user?
[23:55:10] <Marc Worrell> That depends on the ACL module you are using.
[23:55:30] <Marc Worrell> With the default module all users have admin rights
[23:56:03] <Marc Worrell> When you make your own, then you can see in resource_admin.erl:
[23:56:03] <Marc Worrell> is_authorized(ReqData, Context) ->
z_acl:wm_is_authorized(use, z_context:get(acl_module, Context, mod_admin), ReqData, Context).
[23:56:34] <Marc Worrell> and in resource_admin_edit.erl:
[23:56:35] <Marc Worrell> is_authorized(ReqData, Context) ->
{Context2, Id} = ensure_id(?WM_REQ(ReqData, Context)),
z_acl:wm_is_authorized([{use, mod_admin}, {view, Id}], Context2).
[23:56:59] <Marc Worrell> so, per default you need the {use, mod_admin} right
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