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[10:05:03] kaos added the dispatch warning in 4042d2d00dd689fd7e1ec83f83a760313ad2fd54
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[10:05:37] kaos and realized that it got quite verbose and tried to get it down a bit in 04ee20f515d963fe22ab053128afcae75c2d4569
[10:07:38] <kaos> not having the warning hid the cause of a failed page with nothing much to go on as to what went wrong...
[10:08:01] <kaos> but I agree, it's no good when it keeps popping up when not needed...
[10:08:22] <arjan> kaos: makes sense
[10:08:32] <arjan> I upgraded an older site to 0.9 and got the warning
[10:08:37] <kaos> I think you can find the reasoning for that change with Marc in the chat logs...
[10:08:48] <arjan> yes I remember you guys talking about it
[10:09:07] <arjan> I think its good to have the warning like this
[10:09:59] <kaos> ok :)
[10:10:34] <arjan> next thing on the 0.9 list is a revamp of the skel sites
[10:10:38] <kaos> I would like to continue my 0.9 explorations, but I'm being busy packing. We're moving to Gotland on the 23rd
[10:10:49] <arjan> amongst others, make sure they contain that particular dispatch rule :)
[10:10:54] <kaos> :)
[10:10:58] <arjan> nice
[10:12:04] <kaos> I'd like to have the skel sites a bit like the module repo... so it's easier to extend / contribute / share skeleton sites... (or complete applications, that are easy to install as a site)
[10:12:57] <kaos> (also been tinkering on a zmr browser for the admin interface... too little time, still)
[10:13:27] <arjan> cool, that's a great idea actually :)
[10:13:49] <kaos> thanks :D
[10:14:39] <arjan> this weekend I was thinking how to make Zotonic more OTP-friendly
[10:14:43] <kaos> I've been thinking on some use cases for my zotonic-host.com site (that's still only on the drawing board)
[10:15:02] <kaos> that would be nice, too :)
[10:15:24] <arjan> yes
[10:15:37] <arjan> rebar'ify the whole thing, being able to make a proper release, etc.
[10:15:41] <arjan> https://gist.github.com/3332063
[10:16:06] <arjan> just a wild idea
[10:16:27] <arjan> dont have the time to do it though the coming months
[10:17:37] <kaos> that sounds cool! Not been thinking to much about that part...
[10:17:52] <kaos> but I like it :)
[10:19:27] <arjan> it modularizes everything more, I think that's good
[10:24:29] <kaos> on that note (or not), would it be too crazy to somehow rearrange so that calls to modules passed through a module manager, instead of being direct calls to the module in question...
[10:24:50] <kaos> that way, calls to a disable module could be disabled
[10:25:01] <kaos> disabled*
[10:25:32] <arjan> do you mean like removing them from the code path?
[10:25:44] <kaos> having that effect., yeah
[10:25:53] <kaos> but the code path affects all sites...
[10:26:09] <kaos> so can't use it per site...
[10:28:12] <kaos> (got a wish to fix that, from the "Concluding remarks" of http://blog.astekk.se/article/346/writing-your-own-zotonic-module-part-iii )
[10:51:51] <arjan> I dont know if you really need to find a way to disable those calls actually
[10:52:13] <arjan> not very erlang-y, I think
[10:52:28] <arjan> I mean if you really want to disable module calls, wrap the calls inside the modules gen_server
[10:52:37] <arjan> which is not started when the module is not running, ergo you cant call them
[10:55:24] <kaos> OK, that's a neat way of doing that. Maybe not a erlang-y way, but all filters, actions, etc etc for that module is still callable. If you use a module, and it gets disabled, stuff may break in mysterious ways.
[10:56:24] <arjan> ok yeah for filters/actions I agree
[10:56:27] <kaos> but that may be solved with module dependencies instead...
[10:56:32] <arjan> but for MFA calls not
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[10:57:02] <kaos> if a module fails to start, all dependent modules should also be disabled...
[10:57:40] <kaos> and in the end, the site may be disabled as well... hopefully with some proper notice in the status site :)
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[11:17:23] <Ilya Rezvov> "if a module fails to start, all dependent modules should also be disabled"
[11:17:32] <Ilya Rezvov> i think it is true behaviour
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[18:14:30] <arjan> I got a wild idea
[18:14:41] <arjan> why dont we start every zotonic site on its own HTTP port
[18:15:06] <arjan> that way you leave the virtual hosting to nginx or varnish
[18:15:30] <arjan> just throwing it out there
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[19:10:14] <Marc Worrell> we could at least make it possible :-)
[19:10:27] <Marc Worrell> i like the simple configuration right now
[19:10:38] <Marc Worrell> especially when using firewall redirect rules
[19:11:08] <Marc Worrell> having a site on its own ip (or extra ips — think of SSL connections!) is a great thing to have
[19:11:16] <Marc Worrell> uhhhhh ports
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[19:55:26] <arjan> yep indeed
[19:56:35] <arjan> adds some configuration overhead though
[20:01:52] <Marc Worrell> optional
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[21:28:05] <Ilya Rezvov> strange code https://github.com/zotonic/zotonic/blob/master/modules/mod_base/scomps/scomp_base_wire_args.erl#L36 :)
[21:28:49] <Ilya Rezvov> why not lists:foldl(fun proplists:delete/2, Params, [id, target, ….])
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