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[16:46:03] <kaos> Hi! :)
[16:46:34] <arjan> hey there
[16:46:44] <kaos> I thought I could hack into the status site, since it seems a bit broken at the moment...
[16:46:53] <arjan> long time no see
[16:46:59] <arjan> heh
[16:47:00] <kaos> yep... been busy
[16:47:07] <arjan> me too, busy on non-zotonic things
[16:47:10] <kaos> about to move to Gotland in a month :p
[16:47:18] <arjan> other erlang things though
[16:47:22] <kaos> nice
[16:47:41] <arjan> Gotland, wow
[16:47:51] <kaos> I'm digging my toes into some good old (embedded) C...
[16:47:54] <arjan> isn't that the middle of nowhere? :P
[16:48:07] <kaos> No, it's the middle of the Baltic :D
[16:48:17] <arjan> heh yeah
[16:48:20] <arjan> looks beautiful
[16:48:44] <arjan> anyhow,
[16:48:45] <kaos> It is. And a great place to go Kite surfing ;)
[16:48:55] <arjan> at one point I converted the status site to use bootstrap
[16:49:12] <arjan> but then marc came along and bootstrapified mod_base and created mod_site_base
[16:49:20] <arjan> those changes might have broken the status site
[16:49:32] <kaos> Yup, I noticed.
[16:49:47] <kaos> Thing is, I can't see that mod_base_site solves it...
[16:50:49] <arjan> I would not activate mod_base_site there
[16:51:08] <arjan> mod_base_site is meant as an example of a full content site with articles, searches, etc.
[16:51:17] <kaos> ah
[16:51:18] <arjan> status site is much simpler
[16:51:29] <arjan> so would only need mod_base, I guess
[16:51:53] <kaos> but then the base.tpl needs to have some placeholders at least to include lib files
[16:52:07] <arjan> yes, I see now
[16:52:14] <arjan> mod_base does not include bootstrap
[16:52:31] <kaos> I wonder why the all include _html_head.tpl got yanked...
[16:53:12] <kaos> I can sort of understand why the lib was removed from base.tpl so not everyone will always have those..
[16:53:24] <kaos> but we still want to be able to inject them
[16:53:46] <arjan> I think the point is that mod_base's base.tpl is not meant to build sites on
[16:54:03] <arjan> so im wondering why it's there at all
[16:54:13] <kaos> uh, so what is.... yeah
[16:54:37] <arjan> :)
[16:55:06] <kaos> perhaps I should toss a mail at Marc and see if he knows :p
[16:55:08] <arjan> the only other "top level" template there is error.tpl
[16:55:13] <arjan> he should be online
[16:55:37] <kaos> I can see he's here... but seems more responsive to mails... ;)
[16:55:49] <Marc Worrell> busy here :p
[16:55:50] <arjan> just pinged him
[16:55:52] <arjan> ah
[16:56:03] <kaos> aha :)
[16:56:20] <Marc Worrell> mod_base base.tpl is for errors, logon without site etc
[16:56:40] <Marc Worrell> basically to get into the admin or show errors when you don't have a site module enabled
[16:56:42] <arjan> logon without site should be covered by /admin/logon
[16:56:49] <kaos> ok, so status site should create it's own base.tpl... ?
[16:56:54] <Marc Worrell> nobody knows that one ;-)
[16:57:08] <arjan> well let's get people to know it
[16:57:14] <Marc Worrell> it is best to make your own base.tpl
[16:57:26] <arjan> curret mod_base's base.tpl is fairly broken
[16:57:28] <Marc Worrell> for the /admin/logon -> you can make a separate dispatch rule?
[16:57:55] <kaos> ok, I'll pull in the base.tpl as it was when Arjan fixed the status site on May 3rd.
[16:57:57] <Marc Worrell> true - mod_base base.tpl is somewhere halfway in the transition
[16:58:17] <arjan> kaos: into the status site, I presume
[16:58:24] <kaos> yes, that was the idea
[16:58:33] <Marc Worrell> have only been working on the mod_base_site and mod_admin
[16:58:34] <arjan> Marc Worrell: {admin_logon, ["admin", "logon"], resource_logon, [{template, "admin_logon.tpl"}]},
[16:58:44] <arjan> is there
[16:59:05] <arjan> "should work" (famous last words)
[16:59:17] <Marc Worrell> I was thinking of something where /admin redirects to admin_logon or to the logon when there is a logon
[16:59:48] <arjan> yeah that would be nice
[16:59:54] <Marc Worrell> so we need a lower prio logon for something like that, and then define another logon dispatch rule somewhere else?
[17:00:20] <kaos> I'm lost. But that's ok. I can work with the status site for a while, if that's ok with you?
[17:00:23] <Marc Worrell> then /logon just works, even when there is no site module
[17:00:36] <kaos> that's cool :)
[17:00:37] <Marc Worrell> that is great
[17:00:38] <arjan> kaos: you have my blessing :D
[17:01:00] <kaos> thanks :D
[17:01:01] <arjan> however, where are you pulling the bootstrap css/js from?
[17:01:13] Marc Worrell handing all tools, wooden crosses, garlic to kaos
[17:01:22] <arjan> there's now one in mod_admin and one in mod_base_simple
[17:01:28] <arjan> *mod_base_site
[17:01:36] <Marc Worrell> mod_base_site pulls it from there
[17:01:39] <kaos> oh
[17:01:42] <Marc Worrell> the mod_admin has another path
[17:01:50] <arjan> from where?
[17:01:58] <arjan> ls mod_base_site/lib/
bootstrap js
[17:01:59] <Marc Worrell> from base_site :p
[17:02:06] <kaos> could we not have a mod_bootstrap to keep it in one place?
[17:02:07] <Marc Worrell> itself
[17:02:18] <Marc Worrell> the js could be shared though - mostly the same files anyway
[17:02:28] <Marc Worrell> the css is every time different
[17:02:49] <kaos> ok, so a module with the js files could be something...
[17:03:16] <arjan> yeah or just put them in mod_base?
[17:03:45] <kaos> or that :)
[17:04:15] <arjan> its just a few files
[17:04:24] <Marc Worrell> that is true
[17:04:32] <Marc Worrell> and tinymce is already hiding there as well
[17:04:36] <arjan> and then put your own bootstrap.css in status
[17:04:39] <Marc Worrell> it is just the js
[17:05:05] <Marc Worrell> yep, css per project - too much variation
[17:05:06] <kaos> there are a few png files too
[17:05:15] <Marc Worrell> they can go into base as well
[17:05:17] <kaos> I guess that's stock bootstrap icons
[17:05:20] <kaos> ok
[17:05:21] <arjan> I think error.tpl should go from mod_base; or at least dont depend on a base.tpl
[17:05:31] <Marc Worrell> there is a lot garbage there that could be cleaned up
[17:05:50] <arjan> I'll put the actual error rendering in a _error_details.tpl
[17:05:51] <Marc Worrell> error.tpl is needed, for when everything else is down
[17:06:00] <arjan> yes I'll keep it
[17:06:07] <arjan> just the base version wont depend on a base.tpl
[17:06:14] <arjan> because that confuses
[17:06:19] <Marc Worrell> en it is based on base so that it will display quite okay for your own site
[17:06:24] <arjan> on mod_base
[17:06:37] <Marc Worrell> on base.tpl
[17:06:49] <Marc Worrell> now it displays nicely in the templates of the customer
[17:06:55] <kaos> ah, I agree with Marc there... good point ;)
[17:07:30] <Marc Worrell> first thing you want to do with any site is overrule the mod_base base.tpl
[17:07:43] <arjan> I would just generate an error.tpl in the skel
[17:07:48] <kaos> Oh... I was hoping I didn't have to do that...
[17:08:02] <kaos> but now I see why that is a good idea
[17:08:06] <Marc Worrell> I want to be able to show the error without anything working
[17:08:33] <Marc Worrell> @arjan, you really don't want a base.tpl in the mod_base?
[17:09:08] <arjan> im not sure
[17:09:16] <arjan> it is quite confusing
[17:09:24] <kaos> if you're supposed to override it. Always. I'd say it would be more obvious if it wasn't there
[17:09:34] <arjan> indeed
[17:09:46] <kaos> It had me really puzzled
[17:09:51] <arjan> and if we let the skel put a base.tpl there, it's more clear
[17:09:53] <Marc Worrell> ok, then it makes sense
[17:10:05] <arjan> if ppl creating sites look for base.tpl they find it right there in their own site
[17:10:12] <arjan> without them having to know about overriding anything
[17:10:44] <kaos> and all of a sudden, the status site is on board too, with its own base.tpl :)
[17:10:50] <Marc Worrell> :)
[17:10:54] <arjan> awesome!
[17:11:21] <arjan> I should make more time to do zotonic dev work
[17:11:34] <Marc Worrell> mod_base_site has its own base.tpl as well
[17:11:41] <arjan> k
[17:11:45] <kaos> ok. I'll move bootstrap js & png files to mod_base. Add base.tpl to status site and clean it up so that it looks good again.
[17:11:46] <arjan> We have a hard deadline for the 0.9 anyway
[17:11:57] <arjan> I intend to go to Munich to the Erlang Factory Lite, sept. 29
[17:11:57] <kaos> oh, when? :)
[17:12:08] <Marc Worrell> LOL
[17:12:16] <kaos> :D
[17:12:24] <arjan> so it would be nice to have something (more or less) polished by then
[17:12:27] <Marc Worrell> good starting point for the elastic version...
[17:12:42] <Marc Worrell> the admin is quite polished now
[17:12:51] <arjan> yup
[17:12:56] <Marc Worrell> did you try it recently?
[17:13:01] <arjan> it looks very nice, I showed it to another client recently
[17:13:10] <arjan> they wanted an upgrade immediately :)
[17:13:15] <kaos> :)
[17:13:17] <Marc Worrell> :p
[17:13:20] <Marc Worrell> they should
[17:13:38] <kaos> I'm still working on getting a 0.9 site up and running... got stuck on the status site thingy :p
[17:13:46] <Marc Worrell> the 0.9 zotonic is now running on its own ip address by the way
[17:14:11] <Marc Worrell> because of women on waves - sometimes blocked around the world
[17:14:51] <kaos> oh. I hadn't thought of that.
[17:15:29] <kaos> I'm planning my zotonic hosting service. But that could hit the same issue if someone would cause the ip to be blocked, it would affect all sites on that ip.... hmmm. Naughty.
[17:16:35] <Marc Worrell> you only get blocked for controversial things
[17:16:37] <arjan> Marc Worrell: what do you think about this one
[17:16:38] <arjan> https://github.com/thatpythonguy/zotonic/commit/ce01f70e20404f54ae36f0d971f6f9e75269bebf
[17:16:42] <Marc Worrell> or selling mp3s
[17:16:51] <arjan> does that look good, protocol wise?
[17:17:06] <Marc Worrell> should be ok - i think
[17:17:27] <Marc Worrell> that protocol is unknown to the browser and we don't test it on the other side
[17:18:20] <arjan> dont know why he did this change,
[17:18:25] <arjan> the header is still in the spec
[17:19:30] <arjan> ah,
[17:19:35] <arjan> the client must provide this value
[17:19:57] <arjan> or does it
[17:21:24] <arjan> ah, yes it does
[17:23:06] <Marc Worrell> ok
[17:23:13] <Marc Worrell> so we need to copy the client version?
[17:25:46] <Marc Worrell> was this fox for firefox or chrome?
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[17:25:52] <Marc Worrell> there seems to be a problem on ff
[17:26:19] <Marc Worrell> maybe we need a fresh "merge" from cowboy
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[17:31:00] <Marc Worrell> Mr T is back - going down stairs
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[22:44:37] <Ilya Rezvov> hi
[22:45:11] <Ilya Rezvov> can i search by custom field of rsc in query model?
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