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[11:03:38] <Ilya Rezvov> hi
[11:03:57] <Ilya Rezvov> if i update zotonic from 0.6 to 0.8
[11:04:12] <Ilya Rezvov> i take problems with data format?
[11:14:05] <arjan> hey
[11:14:11] <arjan> what do you mean, data format?
[11:19:28] <Ilya Rezvov> i have site in production under zotonic-0.6
[11:19:58] <Ilya Rezvov> and i want update zotonic via git and recompile
[11:20:05] <Ilya Rezvov> is it possible?
[11:21:06] <Ilya Rezvov> and other question: exist any ecommerce module?
[11:22:17] <Ilya Rezvov> i see article about internet shop with paypall
[11:22:38] <Ilya Rezvov> but i preffer native solution
[11:23:04] <arjan> I would just take the database dump and try it out locally
[11:23:18] <arjan> not much has changed in data format between 0.6 and 0.8
[11:25:19] <Ilya Rezvov> thx, i try it
[11:26:39] <arjan> about ecommerce: Im not sure
[11:27:00] <arjan> there is no integrated solution
[11:27:17] <Ilya Rezvov> :/
[11:27:32] <Ilya Rezvov> i'll try to do it
[11:27:41] <Ilya Rezvov> i have simple project
[11:27:56] <arjan> https://github.com/arjan/mod_shop
[11:28:01] <arjan> but that one is far from complete
[11:28:12] <arjan> I started it once but did not finish it yet
[11:28:22] <arjan> it is supposed to integrate with a payment provider module
[11:28:27] <arjan> e.g. this one: https://github.com/arjan/mod_adyen
[11:28:27] <Ilya Rezvov> i will use it as tip
[11:28:52] <arjan> http://adyen.nl/ is the payment provider for mod_adyen
[11:29:06] <arjan> cool
[11:29:12] <arjan> just fork it :)
[11:30:27] <Ilya Rezvov> i need only catalog and shop cart for beginning
[11:32:35] <Ilya Rezvov> all payments i can do in offline
[11:35:37] <Ilya Rezvov> arjan: u store shopcard only in session?
[11:35:47] <arjan> yup
[11:36:24] <Ilya Rezvov> but i need in order history
[11:36:57] <Ilya Rezvov> make new table and model for it is better way?
[11:38:22] <arjan> the shoppingcart is not stored,
[11:38:25] <arjan> but the order is
[11:38:57] <arjan> the cart is placed in the order when the order is stored
[11:39:33] <arjan> the order is stored after the order form is submitted
[11:39:42] <arjan> look at order_from_cart and store_order
[11:39:52] <Ilya Rezvov> i see, thnx
[11:40:06] <Ilya Rezvov> zotonic is greate cms :)
[11:40:16] <arjan> :)
[11:41:05] <Ilya Rezvov> but it needs in more documentation
[11:41:53] <Ilya Rezvov> last question for now, where i can see edoc online?
[11:42:22] <arjan> zotonic's?
[11:42:35] <Ilya Rezvov> yup
[11:42:37] <arjan> http://zotonic.com/edoc/core/
[11:42:52] <arjan> and http://zotonic.com/edoc/modules/ for the builtin modules
[11:43:20] <Ilya Rezvov> cool :)
[11:43:26] <arjan> although the edocs could use some attention
[11:45:08] <Ilya Rezvov> i have 2 weeks of vacation and i'll try implement my plan :)
[11:45:35] <arjan> cool
[11:46:53] <Ilya Rezvov> please, correct my sentenses if they are really awfull
[11:47:19] <Ilya Rezvov> i speak in english only in read-only mod :)
[11:47:33] <arjan> no problem, I understand you :)
[11:52:53] <Ilya Rezvov> can i mark that relation has only one object?
[11:53:17] <Ilya Rezvov> and that it object required
[11:53:25] <arjan> what do you mean relation?
[11:53:29] <arjan> page connection?
[11:53:35] <Ilya Rezvov> yes
[11:53:43] <arjan> yes
[11:53:47] <arjan> internally that is called an "edge"
[11:53:49] <arjan> m_edge
[11:54:00] <arjan> it is always a connection between 2 m_rsc
[11:54:12] <arjan> between subject and object
[11:54:23] <arjan> and the edge also has a type (called "predicate")
[11:54:27] <Ilya Rezvov> i understand, but i want add restrictions
[11:54:37] <arjan> ahh ok
[11:55:35] <arjan> im not sure if that can be done currently
[11:55:48] <arjan> there is no check before inserting an edge
[11:56:52] <arjan> but you can listen to edge_insert notification
[11:56:58] <arjan> but then it's already too late, it has been inserted
[11:57:05] <arjan> so you can do the check there and delete the edge :P
[11:57:10] <arjan> a bit of a hack though
[11:57:32] <Ilya Rezvov> i think it is usefull property for edge :) i try implement this for practice
[11:59:13] <Ilya Rezvov> my todo list growing with every minute :)
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