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[14:02:00] <hc> i know it's not elegant to patch some of the core for a module to work
[14:02:12] <hc> but i don't know how to do it otherwise - any suggestions?
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[14:05:32] <arjan> hc: for external modules we have http://modules.zotonic.com/
[14:05:52] <arjan> but indeed, changing core templates is not really nice
[14:06:04] <arjan> did not look into your commit yet
[14:08:20] <hc> the problem is i have to load a javascript at base.tpl
[14:08:31] <hc> the javascript is re-used, but it would be a waste of resources to load it every time
[14:09:14] <arjan> in your audio template you could extend base.tpl and implement block_html_extra, put the lib tag there
[14:10:04] <hc> okay, and what if other modules do the same? will all block_html_extra be merged together?
[14:28:00] <arjan> no but you're making a special page for this mediaplayer, right?
[14:28:27] <arjan> if not, you can make a _html_head.tpl file in your module; the default base.tpl does a "all include" for this file
[14:28:44] <arjan> meaning that it includes every _html_head.tpl from each module, in every template which extends base.tpl
[14:28:59] <arjan> so that way you can have a certain script tag on every page in your site
[14:29:12] <arjan> used by the google analytics module, for instance
[14:29:44] <hc> okay :)
[14:29:58] <hc> but the script needs to be loaded after the jquery script, which is loaded at the bottom of the pages, isn't it?
[14:30:57] <arjan> mmm
[14:31:35] <hc> an example usage of the module can be seen here btw: http://true-metal.eu/
[14:31:55] <hc> (as you can see, no "special pages", but it's included on the front page multiple times)
[14:33:27] <arjan> I see
[14:34:27] <hc> besides, i find it a bit strange TBH that zotonic does support uploading of audio files out-of-the-box, but they are presented in a less than suitable way on the website. or am i missing something?
[14:35:38] <arjan> no, you're right. we just never got around to implement it
[14:36:01] <arjan> mostly, Zotonic development is client-driven, that is, when we build sites with it for clients, we try to integrate stuff back into the core
[14:36:18] <arjan> I guess our clients never wanted audio up until now ;)
[14:37:13] <arjan> I guess the base.tpl could use a _post_jquery.tpl thing
[14:37:35] <hc> cool
[14:37:46] <hc> then i'll implement the _post_jquery thingy and adjust the module accordingly
[14:38:29] <arjan> maybe another name is better
[14:38:44] <hc> completely unrelated question: in 0.9.0-dev it is no longer possible to change the category of a page after it's been created, is it?
[14:39:14] <arjan> eeuhh
[14:39:25] <arjan> no, that should be still working?
[14:39:44] <arjan> or did I mistakenly remove that button
[14:39:47] <hc> can't find that setting anywhere on the admin edit interface
[14:40:13] <arjan> lol
[14:40:15] <arjan> indeed
[14:40:19] <arjan> what the hell :)
[14:40:30] <arjan> oh wait
[14:40:39] <arjan> it's on top of the title
[14:40:47] <arjan> it says editing article:
[14:40:52] <arjan> that's a clickable link
[14:40:56] <hc> oh indeed
[14:40:59] <arjan> :)
[14:40:59] <hc> thanks!
[14:41:52] <arjan> I'll call it _post_js_include.tpl
[14:42:18] <hc> i liked post_jquery more TBH
[14:42:23] <hc> because it implies you can rely on jquery being loaded
[14:43:06] <arjan> you can also just override _js_include.tpl, by the way
[14:43:14] <arjan> in your site's template folder
[14:43:26] <arjan> so that your sites _js_include.tpl is loaded instead of the default one.
[14:43:31] <arjan> but ok
[14:43:35] <hc> yeah, but shouldn't my site be independent of the loaded modules?
[14:43:41] <arjan> also true
[14:43:43] <arjan> :)
[14:43:51] <hc> it's a bit confusing if in order to fully activate a module, you have to fiddle with your site's templates
[14:49:59] <arjan> true
[14:50:07] <arjan> I pushed the post js include fix
[15:40:16] <hc> btw - the language is chosen based on the headers the browser sends to zotonic, isn't it?
[16:55:27] <arjan> yes,
[16:55:34] <arjan> but you can set a default language
[16:55:41] <arjan> in the translation module
[16:58:17] <hc> :-)
[16:58:21] <hc> you know, this is all pretty cool stuff!
[17:22:01] <arjan> :)
[17:22:04] <arjan> I know :P
[17:22:14] <arjan> when you enable the translation module, the URLs of your site change
[17:22:21] <arjan> /en/... /de/.... etc
[17:22:22] <arjan> for pages
[17:22:35] <arjan> so that google indexes the different languages separately
[17:23:48] <hc> yeah, that's nice
[17:24:31] <hc> i've just written a custom dispatch handler that redirects pages like /foo/bar-en.html to /en/foo/bar.html (i'm migrating a static website to zotonic)
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