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[09:00:49] <simon.smithies> arjan: nice work on the admin UI
[09:01:02] <simon.smithies> The screenshots you sent through look great
[09:03:20] <arjan> thank you :)
[09:03:31] <arjan> still ironing out the last bugs
[09:03:47] <simon.smithies> what are your impressions of Bootstrap?
[09:05:06] <arjan> It's a nice framework for these kinds of UIs
[09:05:30] <arjan> actually considering of also moving the default blog to it
[09:05:45] <arjan> keeping the currenty styling though
[09:06:04] <arjan> thats the downside of bootstrap,
[09:06:20] <arjan> your site tends to become "one-of-the-many" due to its default design
[09:06:36] <simon.smithies> yes, can see that
[09:06:54] <simon.smithies> but good for its grid stuff, and basic controls?
[09:07:10] <arjan> yep
[09:07:23] <arjan> and forms are nicely done
[09:07:56] <simon.smithies> I have to convert a few sites to Zotonic and was thinking I need to set up a skel that better suits my purposes
[09:08:12] <simon.smithies> had a look at bootstrap, but it's overkill for my stuff
[09:08:39] <simon.smithies> i want the grid for future sites, but the old stuff just needs a very basic shell to load into
[09:09:03] <arjan> I can see that
[09:09:09] <simon.smithies> but I think bootstrap may be excellent for my 'day job' where we are building a web application
[09:09:22] <arjan> I am actually annoyed by the current skel templates
[09:09:37] <arjan> atatonic css framework is not really working for me
[09:09:56] <simon.smithies> I must admit I've not looked at Atatonic
[09:10:12] <arjan> most annoying is the lack of padding between grid cells and the button clearing
[09:11:02] <simon.smithies> now's a good time to be thinking about a new css framework ... there's a lot of stuff out there, and the second generation (inlcuding bootstrap) seems well thought out
[09:11:14] <simon.smithies> simpler, more flexible
[09:11:30] <arjan> yep
[09:11:58] <simon.smithies> discovered last night Zotonic supports Less css too
[09:12:07] <simon.smithies> Another pleasant surprise!
[09:12:40] <simon.smithies> a lot of the new grid frameworks get leverage off Less / Scss etc
[09:12:49] <simon.smithies> Have you looked at Senatic.gs?
[09:12:58] <simon.smithies> sorry - Semantic.gs
[09:13:53] <simon.smithies> nicer than bootstrap in one way: no "class=span9" etc in your markup
[09:14:40] <simon.smithies> May be a nice basis for the default sites
[09:16:01] <arjan> not yet
[09:16:26] <simon.smithies> I get the impression you have plenty to do!
[09:16:33] <simon.smithies> Will leave you to get on with it
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