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[16:10:32] <hc> oh wow, cool, with the zotonic shell i can push javascript code to all users currently viewing my page :)
[16:15:46] <arjan> yes, that's a feature
[16:19:14] <hc> now i just need to write some good content to keep people on my page forever => easy botnet ;)
[16:19:33] <hc> no srsly, that feature rocks
[16:21:00] <hc> i'm sure it has cool use cases. instantly to mind comes doing a "forced refresh" when i push an update to the site
[16:21:46] <arjan> :)
[16:22:05] <arjan> when you have multiple tabs open, and you log in the admin
[16:22:12] <arjan> all the tabs refresh itself
[16:22:24] <arjan> that's a nice thing that's already there
[16:23:10] <hc> aah, that's how you do it. i've noticed it in the past, always was too lazy to find out how it worked
[16:54:53] <hc> oh, i can even see the number of open sessions by calling z_session_manager:count(...).
[16:55:01] <hc> really worth reading the API documentation thoroughly
[16:56:00] <hc> one might write a gen_server that emits the number of open sessions for munin for each website...
[17:07:39] <hc> speaking of which, there is no stats currently implemented in zotonic, is there?
[17:08:00] <hc> i mean visits per second, etc... -- you completely rely on people using google analytics, right?
[17:09:35] <arjan> yes,
[17:09:45] <arjan> well actually, in the zynamo branch there is a stats page
[17:09:48] <arjan> with live graphs
[17:09:52] <arjan> requests per second, etc
[17:10:03] <arjan> db queries per second, bytes in/out
[17:10:22] <arjan> but that is not so much for analysis but more for seeing what is going on right now
[17:11:36] <hc> aah, ok. nice
[17:15:05] <arjan> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5400369/stats.png
[17:19:55] <hc> i need that, too. this functionality isn't in its own module, is it?
[17:21:18] <arjan> no it's on another level
[17:21:32] <arjan> it currently hooks directly in webmachine and the database
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[17:23:39] <hc> oh lol, mod_failwhale. hmm.
[17:24:09] <arjan> :)
[17:24:23] <arjan> serves a nice page in case we get slashdotted
[17:24:31] <arjan> (never saw it on production system though :P)
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