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[00:31:33] <hc> so - i've tracked it down a bit with the help of wireshark
[00:32:21] <hc> chromium sends the header "Range: bytes=0-" when requesting a media attachment file (i'm using jplayer on the website). this range-header lets zotonic throw a 500 error and then it starts eating up 500 MB of ram
[00:32:34] <hc> when the request is sent without the Range-header, everything works as expected
[00:34:31] <hc> i'm using zotonic 7.1, btw - perhaps it's already fixed in the current version? i'm going to get the git version tomorrow and test it
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[00:43:32] <hc> for now i've fixed it by patching webmachine to ignore range requests
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[10:27:50] <hc> i've now migrated my site to the git master branch of zotonic, and the problem vanished. \o/
[10:46:35] <arjan> yay :D
[10:46:46] <arjan> master branch is pretty stable anyway
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[13:29:08] <hc> btw - will it be easy to merge existing sites to the new, distributed zotonic?
[13:44:51] <arjan> yes it will stay mostly the same, but underlying data will be kept in sync
[13:45:01] <arjan> like the list of installed modules, the configuration,
[13:45:07] <arjan> the rsc table, identity table
[13:45:09] <arjan> etc
[13:57:13] <hc> cool! looking forward to it :)
[14:05:17] <kaos> arjan: is there a planned timeframe for when zynamo should (ought) to be ready? (out of curiosity :) ) I know how it is with estimating... but always nice to know what you aim for (ah, wait a minute, think Marc said something about "real soon now" when announcing it on the mailing list... IIRC)
[14:05:55] <kaos> of course, that was quite some time ago now...
[14:06:10] <kaos> time flies ;)
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[14:15:51] <arjan> to be honest, I'm not really sure
[14:16:24] <arjan> I am not working on it at the moment, it is mostly marc's project
[14:16:36] <arjan> and I'm not entirely sure what he's up to these days
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[15:18:45] <kaos> Ah, I see. Thanks for info.
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[15:49:12] <hc> the action dialog_open seems to require additional css and js files on the website... could you tell me which exactly are required? (it's not mentioned in the docs as far as i can see)
[15:50:22] <arjan> it is probably js/z.dialog.js and css/zp_dialog.css
[15:52:43] <hc> yeah, i've tried that; works almost, but i got a slight glitch in the layout (http://ctf.hcesperer.org/layout-glitch.jpeg) any hints?
[15:53:01] <hc> oops, sorry for the bold text. it's a default zotonic blog website otherwise
[15:55:51] <hc> (the glitch is that there's a few pixels thick white line quite at the bottom of the dialog box)
[15:58:15] <arjan> mm yeah that glitch rings a bell
[15:58:29] <arjan> seen it before
[15:58:31] <arjan> it is probably a margin somewhere
[15:58:48] <hc> strangely enough, it does not occur within the admin interface
[15:58:54] <arjan> indeed
[15:59:02] <arjan> is your site online somewhere?
[15:59:12] <arjan> you should look with firebug what's happening exactly there
[15:59:41] <hc> yeah, i'll do that. the site is already online, but not really "in production" yet...
[15:59:49] <arjan> :)
[16:05:38] <hc> hmm, if i remove the class "clearfix" from the div with the class "dialog-content", the glitch is gone. but i figure "clearfix" was added there for a good reason...
[16:06:47] <arjan> probably to make sure that the buttons stay in the dialog
[16:06:53] <arjan> zotonic's admin buttons float
[16:07:03] <arjan> but maybe your clearfix is different from the admin's clearfix
[16:08:06] <hc> it's the standard blog website. but that's a good idea, i'll look at it
[16:13:01] <arjan> nice
[16:13:13] <arjan> I'd love to hear it if you find it
[16:17:09] <kaos> I rember having this same issue...
[16:17:21] <kaos> it's a difference in css between base and admin...
[16:19:18] <arjan> exactly
[16:19:31] <hc> hmm, it seems the clearfix class simply does not exist in the admin css, at least that's what a short grep tells me
[16:21:58] <kaos> I think it's the zp-wrapper, or clearfix that has
.zp-wrapper {
display: inline-block;
in one, but display: block in the other... still searching for references....
[16:23:00] <kaos> I have
.zp-wrapper {
display: block;
in my zp-project.css file... think this was to solve this... see if I can find proof for it...
[16:23:57] <hc> yeah, that does seem to fix it
[16:23:59] <hc> thanks! :)
[16:24:14] <kaos> bah, I didn't leave a nifty comment why I had to add it...
[16:24:36] <kaos> your welcome :)
[16:24:41] <kaos> you're*
[16:28:15] <kaos> Ah, yes!
[16:28:19] <kaos> here it is:
.zp-wrapper {
display: inline-block;
html[xmlns] .clearfix,
html[xmlns] .zp-wrapper {
display: block;
[16:28:24] <kaos> and the admin has
[16:28:32] <kaos> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang="en">
[16:28:41] <kaos> so, it uses the display: block
[16:29:05] <kaos> where as if you have a page that isn't xmlns, it would use display: inline-block
[16:29:11] <arjan> hmmm
[16:29:14] <kaos> now I remeber.. :)
[16:29:22] <arjan> <html xmlns...> is old anyway, right?
[16:29:50] <kaos> I'm sooo not up to date with html and all the quirks....
[16:30:17] <kaos> but from what I've read, xhtml (if that is what it is) is something to stay clear of...
[16:31:01] <kaos> the question is, why have two different versions of clearfix/zp-wrapper depending on page ns?
[16:37:14] <arjan> I have no clue...
[16:40:23] <arjan> I would say, feel free to fix it ;)
[16:41:12] <kaos> ok :)
[16:42:05] <kaos> it hasn't been touched since the import from svn 2009-11-12
[16:42:16] <kaos> so I have no commit history for it... :/
[16:42:23] <kaos> :-/
[16:42:29] <kaos> what, no frony face...
[16:42:47] <kaos> frowny*
[16:48:03] <kaos> fixed ;)
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