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[13:17:50] <arjan> hee maas
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[13:17:58] <arjan> zoef
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[13:53:58] <fhendrix> I just installed Zotonic but it crashes during start with :=ERROR REPORT==== 10-Jan-2012::13:43:47 ===
Error in process <0.149.0> on node 'zotonic001@fhx4.local' with exit value: {{nocatch,function_clause},[{m_rsc_update,update,4,[{file,"src/models/m_rsc_update.erl"},{line,288}]},{z_datamodel,manage_resource,3,[{file,"src/support/z_datamodel.erl"},{line,149}]},{z_datamodel,'-manage/3-lc$^2/1-2-',3,[{...
any idea?
[13:54:57] <arjan> hi
[13:55:10] <fhendrix> hi
[13:55:15] <arjan> did you install from the zip or from git?
[13:55:25] <fhendrix> from zip
[13:56:01] <arjan> ok
[13:56:04] <arjan> that's a strange crash
[13:56:13] <arjan> seems it cannot install some data
[13:56:20] <arjan> is there a messsage just above the report?
[13:56:29] <arjan> "creating new resource..."
[13:56:40] <fhendrix> yes =INFO REPORT==== 10-Jan-2012::13:43:47 ===
[myblog] info @ z_datamodel:148 Creating new resource 'page_home'
[13:57:02] <fhendrix> tables are created, some with data
[13:58:01] <arjan> ok but page_home fails to be created for some reason
[13:58:52] <fhendrix> yes, if i go to the site it gives error 404
[13:59:12] <arjan> understandably
[13:59:47] <arjan> I'll quickly try to reproduce it
[14:00:05] <fhendrix> ok thanks
[14:05:22] <arjan> hey you're right
[14:05:25] <arjan> I can reproduce it
[14:05:30] <arjan> mmmm
[14:06:09] <fhendrix> ok thats good you can reproduce it
[14:16:12] <arjan> i'm on the phone please hold on :)
[14:16:22] <arjan> I'll let you know once it's fixed. What's your email address?
[14:16:55] <fhendrix> ok fjmhendrix@gmail.com
[14:17:00] <arjan> thanks :)
[14:30:05] <arjan> I'm getting there :)
[14:32:38] <arjan> ah
[14:32:43] <arjan> it's a fix that has not been backported
[14:34:25] <fhendrix> ok
[14:43:55] <arjan> fixed it.
[14:44:00] <arjan> I'll upload a 0.7.4 :)
[14:44:15] <arjan> minor but annoying bug :)
[14:46:15] <arjan> thanks for the report. we had other users complaining about this as well but until now could not find it
[14:48:25] <fhendrix> thank you for the support
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[15:06:35] <arjan> no problem :)
[15:06:46] <arjan> You can download 0.7.4 from the site
[15:25:12] <fhendrix> I did but now i get a compilation error iconv:
[15:25:23] <fhendrix> cd deps/iconv && ./rebar compile
Erlang develop==> iconv (compile)
Compiling c_src/iconv_drv.c
cc: erl_CFLAGS: No such file or directory
c_src/iconv_drv.c:12:24: fatal error: erl_driver.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
ERROR: $CC -c $CFLAGS $DRV_CFLAGS c_src/iconv_drv.c -o c_src/iconv_drv.o failed with error: 1
make: *** [iconv] Error 1
[15:27:57] <fhendrix> probably another erlang configuration on suse linux dir with erl_driver.h in: /usr/lib64/erlang/usr/include"
[15:30:04] <arjan> try make clean first?
[15:30:42] <arjan> nothing changed in that part of the code
[16:40:49] <fhendrix> problem solved, looks good
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