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[13:11:09] <Rick Cogley> hello - ok to ask a basic question here?
[13:18:20] <arjan> sure!
[13:18:25] <arjan> that's the idea
[13:18:34] <arjan> however I was just off to lunch
[13:18:51] <arjan> but you can ask and I'll look at it when i return in an hour :) or maybe maas can answer it
[13:25:44] <Rick Cogley> hi - thanks arjan. Well, it's my first time installing zotonic, and the first time I heard of erlang, but I got it up and running on webfaction. I installed based on the blog skeleton, and then I started trying to manipulate modules, and, the front page somehow disappeared.
[13:27:02] <Rick Cogley> It is as though only the sidebar is still present. When I go to each page via the admin area, they are visible. But the top page, aka Home in the menu, only shows Archive and Keywords and an Edit this Page button.
[13:28:30] <Rick Cogley> The modules I enabled were the csv import, blogger import, twitter, survey.
[13:29:20] <Rick Cogley> Twitter gave an error so I disabled it. Survey seemed to be working, and let me add a survey page. But it was then I noticed a problem with the top page, so I disabled survey.
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[14:59:56] <arjan> strange..
[15:00:02] <arjan> which version did you install?
[15:00:29] <Rick Cogley> hi - version of what? erlang?
[15:01:19] <Rick Cogley> [rcogley@web307 txp01]$ erl -v
Erlang R15B (erts-5.9) [source] [64-bit] [smp:16:16] [async-threads:0] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false]
[15:05:11] <Rick Cogley> I installed zotonic via git:
[15:05:13] <Rick Cogley> git clone git://github.com/zotonic/zotonic.git
[15:06:09] <Rick Cogley> this is the URL
[15:07:23] <Rick Cogley> http://rick3.cogley.info/
[15:08:59] <Rick Cogley> in the admin section, config area, it says the version is:
[15:09:06] <Rick Cogley> 0.8-dev
[15:28:23] <arjan> strange
[15:28:31] <arjan> everything seems alright, the data is there
[15:28:35] <arjan> http://rick3.cogley.info/api/base/export?id=page_home
[15:29:48] <arjan> there seems something wrong with the home template
[15:32:57] <Rick Cogley> can installing modules break templates?
[15:33:20] <arjan> well, not break them
[15:33:26] <arjan> but they can override templates
[15:33:37] <Rick Cogley> hmm
[15:33:41] <arjan> so a module might have its own version for some template
[15:33:44] <arjan> if it has the same name
[15:34:04] <arjan> but in your case that should not be it
[15:34:12] <arjan> I'll try reproducing your problem
[15:39:39] <Rick Cogley> thank you very much. I am in Japan and it is pretty late, so I will check back after some sleep.
[15:42:14] <arjan> :)
[15:42:16] <arjan> cool
[15:42:21] <arjan> sleep well
[18:01:22] <arjan> installing a basic blog site indeed does not work as advertised on git master.
[18:01:25] <arjan> I'll have a look.
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