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[14:39:15] <Yves> Goeie namiddag, Arjan.
[14:39:22] <arjan> hey
[14:40:32] <Yves> Between Nginx, Apache or Varnish, the best "front-end" solution for zotonic is ? Any idea, proof test, etc… ??
[14:41:23] <arjan> personally I like varnish
[14:41:36] <arjan> but I've seen apache and nginx work as well
[14:41:43] <arjan> i think varnish is the most lightweight
[14:42:11] <arjan> apache is definately overkill
[14:42:22] <arjan> contains much stuff you don't need
[14:43:35] <arjan> but you can also run zotonic straight on port 80
[14:43:55] <arjan> there's a cookbook item about that
[14:45:53] <Yves> I know, but i want to implement technical stuff like redirection in case of http://mysite/admin -> https://mysite/admin. But I'ts may be more easy trough a dispatch rule ?
[14:46:59] <Yves> The other thing is caching with Varnish or NginX.
[14:48:40] <arjan> I think you can just do {ssl, true} in a dispatch rule to force a https redirect
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