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Screen components for when tags and included templates are not enough and programming is needed.

Scomps add logic to templates or generate HTML/javascript constructs that are too difficult for templates. A good example is the menu scomp which implements the menu, including sub menus and highlighting of the current menu item.

Scomps have the same syntax as tags:
{% scompname arg=value ... %}.

Scomps are implemented by modules, tags are implemented by the template system.

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  • lazy

    scomp which shows a 'loader' image and performs onetime actions when loader…

  • loremipsum

    Inserts a piece of "lorem ipsum" text into the page.

  • menu

    Show a page menu.

  • pager

    Show a pager for search results.

  • script

    Placeholder for generated Javascript.

  • sortable

    Mark an element as sortable.

  • sorter

    A sorter is a container for sortables.

  • spinner

    Add an AJAX activity indicator.

  • stream

    Enable WebSockets or Comet communication.

  • tabs

    Make a HTML element into a tab set.

  • validate

    Add a validation to a form.

  • wire

    Connect actions and events to a HTML element.

  • wire_args

    Add extra arguments to wired actions.