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Simply adding templated pages

Marc Worrell— 2 May 2012

In the 0.9dev you can now add a page without changing dispatch rules.


When (in 0.9dev) you add a template like:


Then the request:


will serve that template.
Without adding any dispatch rules.

Long version:

We added a new notification to the 0.9dev.
It is called #dispatch{} and is used by the site dispatcher to find a matching dispatch rule when no rule matched.

The #dispatch{} observer can return:

  • {ok, integer()} where the integer is a rsc id
  • {ok, #dispatch_match{}} with a webmachine resource and options filled in
  • {ok, #dispatch_redirect{}} to redirect to a location (must be a fully qualified url!)
  • undefined

With an 'undefined' other modules will be checked and finally a 404 might be served.

In mod_base I added a handler for the #dispatch{} notification:

%% @doc Check if there is a resource or template matching the path.
observe_dispatch(#dispatch{path=Path}, Context) ->
case m_rsc:page_path_to_id(Path, Context) of
{ok, Id} ->
{ok, Id};
{error, _} ->
Template = "static/"++Path++".tpl",
case z_module_indexer:find(template, Template, Context) of
{ok, _} ->
{ok, #dispatch_match{
mod_opts=[{template, Template}, {ssl, any}],
bindings=[{path, Path}, {is_static, true}]
{error, _} ->

This does two things:

  1. 1. Check if there is resource with a set page path, if so return it's id
  2. 2. Check if there is a template in a 'static/' directory with the name of the request path. If so then this template is served using the resource_template module.