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Version 0.8.0 released

Arjan Scherpenisse— 11 April 2012

A new feature release of zotonic has been released. Besides from the usual bug fixes, this release contains quite some smaller and larger features. This release marks also the last release before some larger upcoming changes to the HTML framework, the admin interface and the database layer. Read on for the change log.

New core features:

Module manager: module manager startup stability fixes, module dependencies and starting/stopping modules in the correct order.

Status site - the site status got a redesign to be more in line with the current zotonic.com site. It now shows a friendly welcome message and requires a login to view / manage the running zotonic sites.

PostgreSQL - we stabilized the pgsql connection pool in the presence of database connection failures and improved query timeout handling.

The "host" option in a site's config file is now optional. When not present it will be derived from the site's directory name.

New / updated modules:

mod_oembed - Provides an easier way to embed external content into your site, using the OEmbed standard.

mod_translation - added support for RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic in the admin interface. Content pages that are translated in multiple languages now have a separate URL for each language version.  Translations of the admin interface were added for Irish, Spanish, Estonian and Polish.

mod_mailinglist - Improved the mailinglist interface. It is now much easier to track to which list a page has been sent to, to preview the mailing and to view and manage bounced emails.

mod_development - On Linux, development has been made easier by integrating inotify. Supports on-the-fly compilation of Erlang files, flushing caches, and compiling/minifying LESS/SCSS/Coffeescript.

Other minor features

New filter: index_of, which gives the index of an item in a list.

filter_random:random/3 - create random sublist with length l.

range filter: easily generate lists with integers

Development process

The git master branch switched to using git submodules for the most important external dependencies.

Documentation got updated, most source files now have @doc tags which are generated and available online at from http://zotonic.com/documentation

Read the full release notes here