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Yes, we should write more

7 November 2019

This blog is quite silent, but we are working hard on Zotonic.

New releases come out every month. Nice additions like integrated 2FA, tightened security, or seamless storage of files on S3 compatible services.

This week we had our 101th release, version 0.52.0.

Still on 0.something you ask?

Yes, indeed. We are working on the 1.x. It is the master branch.

Big differences between the 1.x and the 0.y. But with all the familiar modules and template systems. In fact 0.x sites need minimal change to work on 1.x. We are detailing this process whilst also finalizing the first 1.0 release.

What will 1.0bring?

For one thing; OTP compatible modules and sites. We will be using Hex to fetch the Zotonic modules, which makes a great system to build your own Zotonic release or integrate Zotonic with other applications.

Also deep integration with MQTT. We had some presentations before about this. Most important is that if you add a model then that model is immediately available as model in the templates, as (REST) API, and as an MQTT topic. Extending a content management system and adding APIs was never so easy.

Stay tuned, we are about to release!