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Zotonic 0.16.0 released

2 May 2016

This release adds, besides bug fixes, collaboration groups.
These are groups of users creating and sharing content in a closed group.
Download Zotonic 0.16.0 here:
Zotonic version 0.16 and earlier is in production at various systems.
Two examples are:
Short change log:
  • Fixed #1099: added collaboration groups.
  • #1227: Added ip_whitelist configuration option to block unwanted access when admin password is ‘admin’.
  • Serve status site with 503.
  • Fixed #1229: users cannot update their person resource.
  • Fixed #1236 by removing is_authoritative access check.
  • Fixed #1245 by improving the 403 page.
  • Fixed #1147 by passing qargs to search.
  • Fixed #1230: Firefox file upload error.
  • Fixed #1248: Dutch month abbreviation.
  • Fixed #1250: view button in case of no update permissions.
Next release will be on Monday, June 6, 2016.