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Version 0.12.0 and 0.11.0 released

9 October 2014

After 6 months, we are proud to present you the next releases of Zotonic, 0.12 and 0.11! Why two releases, you might ask? Well, it's simple: the 0.12 branch has all the goodies of the 0.11 branch, but the added feature is that it uses Bootstrap 3 for all templates. We decided to not put this in the 0.11 release because this would break too many templates for existing clients (some of which were running on master or branches from master).

In these last 6 months, a lot of functionality has been added, and the Zotonic platform gained many overal stability and configurability improvements. For instance, the websites (and external modules) that you run inside Zotonic are now no longer part of the zotonic priv directory, but can live in any directory configured by the site developer. Also, the migration to Bootstrap 3 allows developers to more easily build sites which share code with Zotonic's base templates.

 For all the release notes, look on these pages:


Please note that upgrading existing sites takes a bit of work. See the upgrade notes for all the details that have changed in an incompatible way.




the Zotonic Team