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Version 0.10.0p1 released, and beyond

24 April 2014

A year-and-a-bit after the previous feature release, we're proud to present the next version of Zotonic, release 0.10.0p1!

The focus of this release are many, many improvements and refinements, small and not so small. In contrast to 0.9.0, which introduced quite some new things like mobile-first design and the redesigned admin system, this release is more subtle. Over the past year, a lot of improvements have been going into the master branch, and, in fact, a lot of production sites were running on the master branch, so it was kept quite stable, although over 1000 commits have been pushed since 0.9.0. The release notes highlight the main changes, but be sure to also check out the documentation; the 0.10 series now has its own documentation subtree.

From this moment on, Zotonic's master branch is opened up again to major changes, and a few of them are already on the radar, like an overhaul of the static file storage system (with support for S3), and the upcoming work on federation (for failover and vertical partitioning of sites) by Alvaro Pagilari, our Google Summer of Code student for 2014.

You can download the 0.10.0p1 release at the usual place on Github.

If you need support, the Zotonic crew has switched from XMPP over to IRC, and are now hanging out in #zotonic on the Freenode network.


Arjan Scherpenisse & the Zotonic team