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Google Summer of Code

10 February 2014

We would like to start off by saying thank you to Google.

Last summer, Zotonic joined the BEAM Community that entered projects that run on the Erlang VM for the Google Summer of Code. Thanks to Google we could sponsor the young developer Mawuli Adzaku from Aburi, Ghana. Mawuli successfully developed a new module manager for Zotonic. His mentor was Zotonic team member Andreas Stenius from Sweden.

Mawuli about the project: “When I started on the project I was still a total Erlang noob. I love compilers and languages and had looked at Haskell, Erlang and a few others but had a long way to go. Thanks to the Zotonic team and especially my mentor Andreas, I learnt so much and managed to deliver the work. Working on this has been a life changing experience and has totally changed my view on open source projects in general. I got to work with people from all over the world who were extremely open and kind to me. I never thought you could work together like this.”

Mawuli portrait

Mawuli has gone on to find work and is currently using Erlang and Zotonic for a commercial project and is working on enhancements to the Zotonic project. The Zotonic team would like to thank him for his great work.

We will be applying for a Google Summer of Code grant again this year together with the Beam community (kindly coordinated by José Valim at Platformatec)

If you want to contact Mawuli, send him an email at mawuli@mawuli.me.

Google Summer of Code: https://code.google.com/p/google-summer-of-code/

Beam Community: http://beamcommunity.github.io/