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Archive for 2012

Version 0.9.0 released

17 December 2012

After months of hard work, the team is proud to present the next version of Zotonic, release 0.9.0! Read more »

What the community is saying...

14 December 2012

Zotonic contributors are really, really inspired. We believe we’re working on something important. But hey… that’s just us. We compiled a few nice things being said about us. Read more »

Pics from the shoot: Zotonic ­- the Movie

10 December 2012

In a longstanding tradition in the Erlang world, the Zotonic team has shot a movie. Not just a movie. Zotonic - The movie. Read more »

Version 0.8.2 released

Arjan Scherpenisse— 30 October 2012

Version 0.8.2 has been released. This is a second bugfix release on the 0.8 branch. Read more »

Zotonic wil be featured in “The Performance of Open Source Applications”

Michiel Klønhammer— 20 September 2012

Just proud to announce: The Zotonic team will be writing a chapter of the next edition of the famous books “The Architecture of Open Source applications.” Read more »

Survey: How to approach documentation

Michiel Klønhammer— 7 September 2012

As part of our "Zotonic for the future" program, we are asking developers, open source gurus and other interesting people for their opinions, visions or tips & tricks. In our previous survey (which was filled in with enormous passion!), one of the frequently heard suggestions, was: "documentation, documentation, documentation." Read more »

Version 0.8.1 released

Arjan Scherpenisse— 11 August 2012

Version 0.8.1 has been released. This is mainly a bugfix release, to stabilize the 0.8 branch. Read more »

The future of Zotonic - a survey

Michiel Klønhammer— 11 July 2012

Zotonic is starting to grow into a mature open source platform developed in Erlang. For a series of Future of Zotonic ‘summits’ - brainstorm sessions (some real life, some virtual) with folks interested in growing Zotonic into the greatest and best Erlang platform/CMS/development tool/ of the world, we are interested in your opinion as open source thinker, developer, good friend, Erlang specialist or user of Zotonic. Read more »

Sending and receiving e-mail

Marc Worrell— 7 May 2012

On the Zotonic users e-mail list we got some questions about sending and receiving e-mail. Here is a copy of my explanation of the SMTP configuration of Zotonic. Read more »

Simply adding templated pages

Marc Worrell— 2 May 2012

In the 0.9dev you can now add a page without changing dispatch rules. Read more »